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Sorry for the scuffed thumbnail.

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Reposts from the last thread
>the feet in all its glory
>Your ending for tonight

>> No.10084411


I wonder if there'll be a schizo who would make a cum tribute out of this

>> No.10084435

Don't give me ideas.

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Last thread got a little of the rails at points, lets try something different! What are your hopes for IRyS next music project? What kind of song would you like to see?

Personally I know anisongs get shit on around here but I kind of like a faster upbeat song from her. Her higher register and skill at faster songs really sets her apart for me. I like her older vocaloid type stuff but I don't think Cover would go for that.

>> No.10084484

Footfags and fingerfags has is good.
As an armpitfag I rarely have any triggers or information regarding them.

>> No.10084496

I love IRyS so much...

>> No.10084521

desu I want like slow songs or campfire with acoustic

>> No.10084576

I couldn't care less for the genre, doesn't filter me, I wanna see her participate in live events and do music collabs with senpais.

>> No.10084577

I remember her saying she would like to work on actual anisongs, maybe making one for hologra or en projects

>> No.10084615

I don't really care about any song type or language. As long as she is happy I am happy, what matters the most is that she loves what she is doing and I will enjoy anything she will put out.

>> No.10084644

Very based opinion.

>> No.10084728

I would love to listen her singing songs with whispery element like NGNL ending Oracion. If she manages to master that she will be unstoppable Gosling maker

>> No.10084763

She's such a dork

>> No.10084803

I hope its a japanese song since she seems more comfortable with those. I think people that pay attention to lyrics in songs are autistic. I just consider the voice as another instrument creati g the music and have never actually oaid attention to lyrics ever. Its probably why the japanese songs never bothered me.

>> No.10084854

Catbox is lagging at my end for some reason

>> No.10084869

So far my favorite voices from IRyS are from the first minute of Tamashii no Refrain or when she uses a low voice like in Shinigami or This Love. Not sure how those could be used in an original song though. Something with the same kind of energy as her Odo could be fun too.

>> No.10085021

I should've converted it to webm first

>> No.10085061

>Your ending for tonight
lets go,lets go,lets go

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I'm not that much into feet, but you don't have to be a foot fetishist to admire the beauty of human body. Feet are just elegant. Pleasant curves, nice soft parts, nice dense parts. It's the same with admiring a good, delicately toned tummy and navel. Or long, slim, athletic legs. Not to mention a trained back - true gem few people can appreciate.
It's like looking at a piece of fine art. Fills my soul with something out of this world, something divine. Nothing weird about that.
Love you too, "anon".

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I think you got lost on the way to the Gura thread. That is where all the foot fags are.

>> No.10085575

Based and physique-pilled.

>> No.10085743

thats a lot of nice word to say you are a footfag. i respect it, but i still would judge anyway

>> No.10085870

The human body is fucking disgusting. That is why I watch vtubers and not regular streamers.

>> No.10085973

you guys think Irys browses this board?

>> No.10085997

I miss IRyS. Please stream...

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>> No.10086056

No way, she's too pure.

>> No.10086058

Not getting my hopes up but I want Irys to drop by on Mori and Ina's MC collab on the 23rd

>> No.10086080

Used to browse /a/ years and years ago but thankfully no longer here.

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No, but I think her manager does. In beginning of /HIRyS/ there was this stiff anon asking typical PR questions like "What do you think her strong points are?" or "What was your first impression and what do you think now?"
Also >>10084465 is kinda sus

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>Ice cream float
IRyS after her metabolism runs out and she keeps eating and drinking like this

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now that you said that, i have seen similar posters in other generals

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thank god, anyways i wanna lick her feet

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Are we becoming like the Miko general now with posts like this? Although IRyStocrats do kind of remind me of 35p in our pure devotion to our oshi and how much we like to tease her for being a dork.

>> No.10086756

Her voice fits a lot of genre except rap. I hope they don't make her sing in whatever genre the umisea was. NegiU did the same

>> No.10087075

well IRyS does have that Gen 0 quality for not being in a proper gen...

>> No.10087221

Yeah, 35p are savvy and learned the meta quick. They didn't team up with another Holo to keep up with the current speed of the board. If they see the thread falling they will just pop in and post "I miss Miko..." to bump the thread until her next stream. Its funny to read.

>> No.10087260

I knew there was a reason she immediately connected with me.

>> No.10087308

sadly i dont think she has the same proactiveness miko has for planning big creative shit once in a while but what can you do she isnt a daisenpai level like miko is.

>> No.10087331

I want her to have songs with late 90s-early 00s pop vibes like Avril Lavigne and M2M

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irys lewds yes or no?
if yes, what would you like?

>> No.10087414


I want Ice Cream float, but instead of soda its her piss.

>> No.10087419

Yeah. I feel like shes still hesitant since she's a kouhai.
When I was working and new to stuff I wasnt even trying to reach out to others, but when I became a senpai, I found myself trying to help others proactively. She might be that way for now. She's always saying she wants to be a respected senpai.

>> No.10087520

holy shit a pissfag in the first reply kek based

>> No.10088577

I'd appreciate a tasteful pregnant IRyS

>> No.10088642

I can make that but…. Why… like mother pregnant?

>> No.10088702

why are you even questioning that, there's more degenerate fics in this board

>> No.10088738

Why? Because pregnancy is my fetish and because she can't stop talking about babies, so it's in character. Make it about 5-6 months along, if you are so inclined.
Is pregnancy really that much of a degen fetish...? Huh.

>> No.10088920

Like the angelic virgin Mary she is, gently cradling her rotund belly swelling with new life with her beautiful halo above her.

>> No.10089124

Sure, I won't say no to a good thing.
Happy sex a best. Pose and angle is up to you.

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This, but not really want it lewd.
I just want her to welcome me in a kitchen with smile while she is making soup, wearing apron on her swollen belly with something like "World's best future mom" written on.

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>> No.10089503

Anon please. I'm barely holding it in and you post this kind of things.

>> No.10089517

irys floating on top when?

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File: 486 KB, 1758x2048, Butter-Fly - Kōji Wada [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fupano8.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I'd love her to do something slow and romantic, she has that thing where she fades out her voice in parts and it always sounds so fucking good

>> No.10091599

Missionary or cowgirl, with lots of hand holding

>> No.10093286

That'd also make me happy. Can't name a song where she does it but it's pretty obvious when it happens. Top gosling bait.

>> No.10093898

>Irys simping over Matt Mercer
You told me Irys was gay. You were just trying to keep her all to yourself.

>> No.10094142

There is a tiny group of anons that push the gay rrat based on IRyS having friends that are openly gay and like to associate themselves with specific other indie chuubas, Kronii also got swept up in it. All claims around IRyS' sexual orientation are rrats. One of the twitter accounts they claim is her sister is also openly gay, yet there's pictures of her sister's wedding on Twitter and no tweet I've seen on that account link the two as family.
inb4 patreon discord. Post screens or abayo yourselves, niggers.

>> No.10095507

This board has too many goslings...

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I mean, it's hard not to be one with a girl like IRyS. Her laugh is enough for me to turn into gosling mode. And her singing. And her dorkiness. Everything about her.

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IRyS' sweat is so shiny and beautiful!

>> No.10097266


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I wouldn't class it as a fetish. It's source is some deep urge most of us share to some degree. No, I am not Shinzo Abe.

This. Something like pic related.

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>> No.10101148

I wish we had a holo with a pregnancy fetish...

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>> No.10102662

wow. Saved and actually set as wallpaper

>> No.10102827

Sexy song like that WUG one. Sugao de Kiss I think is what it was called.

>> No.10103701

I can't believe IRyS was actually cool!

>> No.10104739

Based on previous There Is No Game streams, tomorrow is gonna be a long stream which means lots of IRyS

>> No.10104809

I don't lewd IRyS. She doesn't deserve being coomer material.

>> No.10104879

What if she wants to be lewded?

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I am sad that she has no "gen mate" and is alone between myth and council, hopefuly she doesnt have such depressing thoughts and is just happy to be part of hololive.

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DT/AT when?

>> No.10105844

THe orange bird considers her a part of myth and tries to include her in all of their collabs.
She gets along extremely well with ina behind the scenes as well.

>> No.10107369

the reddit club's 2 doors down

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okay boys!

I think i'ma take a quick break from IRyS!
I'll be back eventually!
Gonna go draw other Chubas!

>> No.10109212

ok now draw her in my life

>> No.10109556

really good job anon, you did great

>> No.10109733

Good man.

>> No.10110911

I wish she would move the stream up by an hour. I want to watch her for more than just one before I have to sleep for work.

>> No.10113346

a clipchannel used your art as a thumbnail

>> No.10113908


>> No.10114129

Do you think IRyS regrets joining hololive?

>> No.10114215

not a chance
people for some reason romanticize the indie life
but the stability of a company is great for mental health

>> No.10114361

Nah, she might be disappointed that Cover hasn't really been doing much with the whole VSinger thing yet, but she's still been able to become an extremely successful streamer and it's not like that situation can't improve some in the future anyway.

>> No.10114492

If she regret she could have just put zero effort in streaming and not learning new songs to do weekly Karaoke for us.

>> No.10114815

No. She puts in plenty of effort and that shows that she cares. She doesn't have to stream at all or stream so much, or make a weekly schedule, or make cute thumbnails.

Even if she is disappointed in some aspects, and I'm not convinced she is, she's a positive enough person to make the best of it. Hololive gets a lot of eyes on you, and that in itself is worth it.

>> No.10115361
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didn't she tell us that she sleeps much better now? the stability that comes with Hololive likely triumphs over all other issues it could bring

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>IRyS my actual code cover

>> No.10115727

What's the evidence there? Lurk is a common term for forums, not just 4chan(nel).

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Irys jerking anon, telling him she can't wait to taste his milkshake.

>> No.10116773

Yes I'm sure she's regrets having made more money in 3 months than she has in her entire life.

>> No.10116948
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So how much of this wound up being true

>> No.10117132

Just the first and the last. Although I'm still hoping for IIRyS to be a teen, and IIIRyS to be a loli.

>> No.10117995

I'm new to Irys and I just watched 3 utawaku from her.
What did I think of them?

>> No.10118680

...are you gonna answer your own question or not?

>> No.10119257

Damn my joke fell flat, I guess I'll just be honest.
Yeah I loved them, I've been catching some clips of her for a while so I decided to finally watch some streams and she's a very competent streamer.
I guess I'll try to catch her streams now. Great oshi that you guys have here.

>> No.10119513
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People who like her have got used to her model and can't picture with anything different now but she's a sweet dork and a good streamer who got the short end of the L2D stick. Some people defend the model to the death but I wonder how much more popular she'd be with a more "casual" friendly one.

>> No.10120374

Yeah they did her dirty, but she's doing well regardless, which is proof that she's a good streamer.
I'm personally past the filter.

>> No.10120467
File: 219 KB, 550x357, hopium [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fzl781k.mp3].png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok maybe i will do a couple of this

>> No.10120523

finally writefags on this thread

>> No.10121864
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10 minute warning

>> No.10122225

I like the “Huh?”, kek

>> No.10122259
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My wifi is fucked

>> No.10122450

I feel your pain. My internet was down the entire day until about an hour or two ago.

>> No.10122461

Hope has descended, please gather

>> No.10122473

Hope is scary.

>> No.10122484

my wife hope is gonna stream :3

>> No.10122567

>It’s NOT IRyS
It’s IIRyS today

>> No.10122603

Already going full dork and we just started

>> No.10122604

good one IRyS kek

>> No.10122625
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please don't be too good at the game

>> No.10122637

God she's cute today

>> No.10122688

Which IRyS is your favorite?

>> No.10122748

IIIRyS because she's a loli. Don't destroy my hope.

>> No.10122783

Myth and Roid, EGOIST

>> No.10122826

where did LoliRys come from?

>> No.10122873


>> No.10122897

Planet Nabokov

>> No.10122991
File: 537 KB, 1700x2000, __amane_kanata_tokoyami_towa_and_irys_hololive_and_3_more_drawn_by_onionyaa__d9f678c7f9cfdc0af445f57c9be61cb3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you know there are three kinds of IRyS?
those who seek hope
those who live for soda
and those who can't read the game tips

those are the three

>> No.10123160

SadisticRys, please duct tape me

>> No.10123187

[jet fighterRyS flamenco music intensifies]

>> No.10123240

Remember that time IRyS almost said the N word on stream

>> No.10123276

Irys breaking into my house let's GOOOOOOOO

>> No.10123302

Draw me a COCK IRyS!

>> No.10123305

Yes, you were totally going to read "Cog" as "Dog" and not something Bottom Left.

>> No.10123330

nice cog

>> No.10123492

my wife is so cute

>> No.10123512
File: 150 KB, 512x512, IRySHeart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no she's retarded.

>> No.10123560

I keep thinking she's gonna slip up and say cock

>> No.10123566

>I see a red button - I press it.
Simple as.

>> No.10123606

>you have to listen to the narrator to solve the puzzles
Yep... her one weakness.

>> No.10123616

>I need that cock

>> No.10123636

she needs my cog bros...

>> No.10123639


>> No.10123641

>Gimme that cock

>> No.10123652

that wasn't very seiso

>> No.10123659

>cock cock cock

>> No.10123721

Wouldn't it be easier just to make a game than go through all this effort?

>> No.10123767

Nuts and cocks, damn IRyS is horny tonight.


>> No.10123778

She can't keep getting away with this

>> No.10123786

>Too bad it’s not November

>> No.10123791

can't do nnn if you're around irys

>> No.10123797


>> No.10123799

now shes shaking privates

>> No.10123809
File: 211 KB, 828x1704, EbWNIarU0AAnw_s.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

soon irys, soon

>> No.10123870

I am absolutely in love with this girl. My favorite tuber in EN by far.

>> No.10123920

>what am I supposed to do about the balls?
You fondle them gently.

>> No.10123926

why do you need my cock, nuts and balls so much irys

>> No.10123945

IRyS cock and ball torture

>> No.10124040
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>> No.10124129

I think she is need of sex.

>> No.10124154

I feel like there's so many more now that people really haven't even bothered to keep up clipping them

>> No.10124288

finally, someone mentioned Miss Tokyo's bulge

>> No.10124327

>my angry "cat", I need to feed it
Oh my

>> No.10124386

Favorite number? 69.

>> No.10124421

she's a genius

>> No.10124431

Man IRyS is really thirsty tonight.

>> No.10124438

disappoint he didn't work in a shfifty-five reference

>> No.10124462


>> No.10124467

>It's time for the pee to come in
I thought you'd never ask

>> No.10124488

>time for the "p" to come in
How many times do you have to remind us that you want to get knocked up

>> No.10124492

bros...80% of her commentary are shimoneta

>> No.10124514


>> No.10124526

Break my nut, IRyS.

>> No.10124562

Do it yourself and present it to IRyS

>> No.10124628

she wants my load.........

>> No.10124629

>Load for me! Load!
Give me a second IRyS I still need to squeeze it out.

>> No.10124706
File: 671 KB, 883x791, 1631536493135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10124727

touching mr glitch 5 times

>> No.10124755

>N3 G R
What did the game mean by this.

>> No.10124791

Wait, if the default narrator isn't a French accent what the hell is his accent supposed to be?

>> No.10124873


>> No.10124878

>Is she gonna pop out of the screen for me?
IRyS knows my deepest desire!

>> No.10124906

Whatever Andre the Giant was.

>> No.10124944

Andre's french tho

>> No.10124987

Oh, then whatever Gerard Depardieu is.

>> No.10125647

yes, after the stream, don't worry

>> No.10125833

Why not during the stream, Ollie style.

>> No.10125885

>Hasn't used a rotary dial phone before
Confirmed not a hag... Of course we already knew that

>> No.10125953

>chat spamming zoomer
>nobody under the age of 50 has used a rotary phone in their life

>> No.10125979

I had one...

>> No.10125985

I'm 28 and I've used a rotary phone.

>> No.10126007

I'm born 91 and I used one kek

>> No.10126031

this is true, never had one

>> No.10126032

I'm only 37.

>> No.10126070

slavic squat

>> No.10126076

It existed as public phones in my country
But even public phones is rare now since cellphones

>> No.10126114

I've never used a rotary phone, but I still know how to dial a number on it.

>> No.10126238

based non retard cultured anon sama
I'm almost filtered by the shitty voice

>> No.10126314

Lick the carpet Irys we know you want to!!!

>> No.10126422

I want to lick IRyS' carpet.

>> No.10126424

>That is a gross Cherry
Straight Bros we keep winning

>> No.10126473


>> No.10126575

i want to tongue kiss irys...

>> No.10126875

irys rimming mm

>> No.10126903

>Lick the manhole
She's doing this on purpose

>> No.10127250


>> No.10127253

>God dammit!
Cute af

>> No.10127588

>Trim the bushes

>> No.10127621

please tell me she isn't actually this retarded and it's all an act

>> No.10127667

You must be new here

>> No.10127674

she has some gaps of knowledge
b-but my wife is smart i swear

>> No.10127701

you got it right!!
this is kayfabe!! ;)

>> No.10127723

>Drowning must be painful
Bros... my drowning fetish... I'm NGMI...

>> No.10127963

i think i used a payphone that was a rotary once. but most payphones were touchpad by my time. btw i’m 37

>> No.10128019

Drowning isn't painful.
t. drowned when I was 8 and brought back with CPR.

>> No.10128050

I think watching puzzle games is just too much frustration

>> No.10128063

i wanna pinch her cheeks and say
"cmon woman think"

>> No.10128065

"Who's Michael Bay?" How can she be even cuter???

>> No.10128077

>Who is Michael Bay

>> No.10128089

some of this shit really is just trial and error, that last section was AIDS too

>> No.10128102

What is she saying bros...

Is she turning into a feminazi?? is it because she hasnt been dicked lately?

>> No.10128300

>its kind of cute that hes shivering in fear

>> No.10128323

I get that and it's my fault for letting my 'tismo act up when she doesn't try what I want her to try. I will try to relax

>> No.10128324

I love her S streaks so much

>> No.10128343


>> No.10128367

she's a shota hunter
she doesn't want you

>> No.10128442

she had the hots for matt mercer and jack cooper

>> No.10128448

>I get it I just have to memorize shit-- it

>> No.10128556

The demon side is leaking out

>> No.10128637


>> No.10128674

IRyStocrats, your oshi isn't the smartest Holo...

>> No.10128698

IRyS got nailed.....

>> No.10128704

We already knew that for a very long time.

>> No.10128706

s-she has some gaps in knowledge
b-but my wife is smart is swear

>> No.10128747

That's why I love her

>> No.10128765

That's part of the appeal

>> No.10128793

But aren't girls the cutest when they're retarded?

>> No.10128802

i was fucking seething so hard in yesterday titanfall 2 when she was complaining about an npc male up during an emotional scene SHE IS THE FUCKING GFE

>> No.10128829


>> No.10128831


>> No.10128880

>DNA sequencing?
>WIth pleasure!

wait, what did she mean by this?

>> No.10128897

Your oshi is very easily entertained or is it the game

>> No.10128902

>It's like riding a bicycle without the seat
>she doesn't even realize what was said or react at all


>> No.10128932

Oh that's where Bae get the shorts idea from

>> No.10128933

yeah isn't she the cutest?

>> No.10128954

It's her.

>> No.10129053

97fag here, i used one plenty of times at my grandparent's place

>> No.10129148

>fill the hole with money
of course

>> No.10129353

>another one of those indie games doomed to fail

>> No.10129371

IRyS needs dicking so bad

>> No.10129386

>game expects you to know that it isn't just rigged to supercold
can't even call her dumb for this

>> No.10129525

pls no china

>> No.10129528

Not that anon but I came here to do my anatomy reps. You have a nice and horny oshi.



>> No.10129562

she went full damage control for a second afer getting that pun

>> No.10129620

>she read my suggestion
>it didn't work

>> No.10129627

soul, looks nice nigga, continue sketching

>> No.10129751

>missing word
>It's OK, we don't have to think about the small details
Full damage control, yep. Wow man, she almost got Coco'd there, whew. Graduation when amiright?

>> No.10129766

>she's really thinking of clicking to 1 million
this dork...

>> No.10129948

This thing with the gacha is quite annoying.

>> No.10129966

its not anymore complicated than clicking when the arrow is on a different space
she just keeps clicking on the same exact space every single time

>> No.10130134

Nah man she didnt react at all to that specific situation, im pretty sure shes completly unaware of the chinks, not even a fraction of a second did she ever though about any missunderstandings that may arrive from mentioning china in bad manner, yeah

>> No.10130166


>> No.10130353


>> No.10130373

>Lots of little sprite babies
IRyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyS!!!!!! STOP!

>> No.10130374


>> No.10130433

The game is just beginning

>> No.10130513

She's a Nephilim so she'd be closer to DmC: Devil May Cry, and we don't talk about DmC: Devil May Cry

>> No.10130555


>> No.10130580

I'm just glad she didn't lose 3k viewers with the fake ending.

>> No.10130591

After the remastered edition came out and fixed most of the issues the original had DmC is one of the better Devil May Cry games and I'll die on that hill. Not the best certainly but its pretty darn good.

>> No.10130860

>give me more of that goo

>> No.10130865

>Give me more of that goo

>> No.10130908

what does anon mean by this

>> No.10130929

>gets noob mode
>still loses

>> No.10130941

Lol I didn't know that existed.

>> No.10130956

do you think she got an achievement for that?

>> No.10131037

Was Irys this chatty before?. She's getting better at filling dead air

>> No.10131049

you were not supposed to sing it...

>> No.10131084

Pretty much always like this except maybe her first couple streams.

>> No.10131088

>That's better
I love it when she randomly decided to moan the words instead of saying them normally

>> No.10131094

there's also the live action chapter
long way to go IRyS

>> No.10131137

How fucking long is this game? I thought it would be some 1 or 2 hour indie kusoge but it just doesn't fucking end.

>> No.10131149

it's one of those stanley parable devjerk games

>> No.10131156


>> No.10131194


>> No.10131195

Oh here it is

>> No.10131200


>> No.10131243

She has snapped

>> No.10131263

>That genuine anger

>> No.10131264

that shout though the mic felt that

>> No.10131268

Now I want to see this ‘raging spree’

>> No.10131269

Gotta get a clip of that.

>> No.10131288

this game is good at baiting reaction

>> No.10131293

what would actually bring out the demon in her, would like to see her rage

>> No.10131349

thanks for doing this because i chose the weird promt, keep doing your anatomy reps! dont be afraid of using references or the maniqui from csp

i am going to hell


>> No.10131357

I want to see that too, she's all angel and no demon so far.

>> No.10131359

IRyS is thirsty...

>> No.10131371

Did anyone clip that actual Irys rage? I... uh... want to hear it again

>> No.10131374

games like getting over it or jump king? I'll doubt she'll actually rage though. Maybe PVP games with Ina/Reine like 51 clubhouse

>> No.10131381


>> No.10131392

>Carbonated water
x Doubt

>> No.10131410

beer stream with irys LETS GOO

>> No.10131427

As the piss anon from here >>10087414 I appreciate this. I want to drink her piss so bad.

>> No.10131442

Nevermind. I did it. Here anons:

>> No.10131444


>> No.10131452


>> No.10131467

That was more aggressive than I thought.

>> No.10131482

Damn that's hot

>> No.10131483

C64 chads, we got too cocky

(I was enjoying this but this game’s really overstaying its welcome)

>> No.10131485

if you do your n-word rep, you would know that she will go full on yandere mode

>> No.10131506

She does that as IRyS too already though, getting mad is rarer.

>> No.10131548

>IRyS was Kronii all along

>> No.10131558


>> No.10131570

IRyS stop
My dick can only get so erect

>> No.10131572


>> No.10131575

kek she's having fun with the goxlr

>> No.10131581

shes my wife and its because she is a dork

>> No.10131676

she just kill him...

>> No.10131690

IRyS sure seems to sympathize with antagonists a lot.

>> No.10131808

Alright this game needs to finish right now.

>> No.10131847

Alright, she knew exactly what she was doing there.

>> No.10131855

you hear it guy
She is gonna suck me dry
my name is vacuum

>> No.10131895

i just close my eyes and see those beeautiful fingers, in the clacking the keys AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.10131923

at this point you're gonna make a tulpa of Irys but her physical form is just fingers

>> No.10132084

she is going crazy...

>> No.10132147

Jesas this triggered my fight or flight response
I need more of this

>> No.10132192

This is what no soda does to a woman.

>> No.10132209

i love this princess so much...

>> No.10132215

She can't stop hearing nuts

>> No.10132217

she lost it

>> No.10132279

Thought you meant this at first.

>> No.10132286

It's "not".

She's just a dork.

>> No.10132295

>I kinda want another nut
IRyS please I need to rest first

>> No.10132318

another cool stream...

>> No.10132396

IRyS was cuter than usual

>> No.10132438


>> No.10132444

why is she thanking us for nut?

>> No.10132458

and lewder
she definitely had sex

>> No.10132474

with me

>> No.10132482

yea with me

>> No.10132497

why I wrote this 2 times?

>> No.10132625

She fed me her piss

>> No.10132648

With me, her husband.

>> No.10132669

you know what, yes, i am losing brain cells right now

>> No.10132695

>Doesn't know Michael Bay
>Doesn't know Rapper's Delight
>Doesn't know whaling

You newfags going to still call her a hag?

>> No.10132753


>> No.10132765


>> No.10132767

first time?

>> No.10132772


>> No.10132773


>> No.10132787


>> No.10132788


>> No.10132792

She the fucking goddess of gfe

>> No.10132835

bros I'm ngmi...

>> No.10132843

is, is she getting horny? like real

>> No.10132848

kek she is

>> No.10132867

she has been making so much innuendos that I do not know if this is still kayfabe

>> No.10132871

check her respiration,

>> No.10132880

Marine on holiday, she's substituting for her

>> No.10132902

this >not stuff is making my dick do things only kronii has to this point
>i'm getting a little ....
a little what irys?

>> No.10132906

>im getting a little- a little,....

>> No.10132913

I don’t think that’s the term here....

>> No.10132945

that's a long nut...

>> No.10132957

I already bookmarked a lot of the audio sections but I'm probably going to comb the whole again, jesas

>> No.10132963

IRyS, I'm horny...

>> No.10132967

jesus christ IRyS makes me harder than any other chuuba ever could...

>> No.10132972

Oh she has been horny since the beginning

>> No.10132981

whole stream*

>> No.10132986

>l c lap pen

>> No.10132994

every chuuba gets horny for their audience over time. Look at Subaru, Okayu and Luna
Do NOT tell me otherwise.
>Verification not required.

>> No.10133004

>reach nirvana
nirvana indeed Irys
holy shit

>> No.10133017

Don't let us down, IRyStocrats

>> No.10133023

Is there an IRyS voice clip collection?

>> No.10133050

not compiled but it's all around the archives

>> No.10133052

>what is this nut superchating...
i fucking hate her
no really i love her and if something happen to her i am gonna kille veryone of you and then myself

>> No.10133072


>> No.10133077

>greentea switching to the ARS VPN mid stream to akasupa
Kek, as expected of a SEAnigger.

>> No.10133095

someone actually took the vpn advice kek

>> No.10133102

We need all these "not"s

>> No.10133114

>I'm gonna nut

>> No.10133125

>me "i am gonna kill myself"
>irys: "my asmr mic arrives early next month and i am studying noel senpai"
>me "ok i am not gonna kill myself"

>> No.10133129


>> No.10133146

6 hours Vod rep

>> No.10133154

Motherfucker became a php akasupa to an ars akasupa. Do flips really?

>> No.10133155

Did (You) obtain the super rare limited time only IRys nut?

>> No.10133163


>> No.10133184

I lost the sexy nut gacha, unfortunately.

>> No.10133206

everyone in sea is poor so not surprising

>> No.10133216

IRyS still found the 'not' joke funny after 6 whole hours of streaming. She is an ultra mega dork.

>> No.10133232

oh dear

>> No.10133236

Nah, they're just kuripots
t. flip

>> No.10133262

what is this software good irystrocat?

>> No.10133290

not anon but probably Audacity

>> No.10133298

this whole stream she was extra dorky and cute

>> No.10133333


>> No.10133339

Today's ending, will comb the whole vod again because there's a TON


>> No.10133343

>same average amount of superchat even with nut gacha

>> No.10133350


>> No.10133364

I love IRyS as much as I love my other EN oshi.

>> No.10133384

I probably won't be able to make the next thread until the watchalong poll is out so someone else can make it if they feel the need to.

>> No.10133400


>> No.10133410

Audacity. Try to get the pre-automatic update version

>> No.10133432

I love IRyS almost as much as I love my JP oshi which I've loved since her debut... I am trying to hold back but IRyS just... ahhhhh

>> No.10133489

>not getting the superior Sneedacity

>> No.10133888

Where can I get more high-res membership emojis like this?

>> No.10134782


>> No.10134910

Thank you kind anon

>> No.10135234

soundbit dump for today's stream

>Childish kisses with Irys!
>Irys tells you to remove your clothes!
>Irys raging!
>Irys needs cock now!
>Irys wants to rim!
>Irys meowing!
>Irys pestering you for your cum!
>Irys pestering you again for the cum!
>Irys wants your pee!
>Irys being a sadist!
>Irys is such a slut!
>Irys calls you a dog!
>Irys likes netorare!
>Irys finding your joke (not) funny!

nut collection

autotune nut https://files.catbox.moe/gternd.mp3
high nut
low nut
sultry nut
>Irys is gonna nut!
>Irys getting carried away with nutting!

>> No.10135352

s-sugoi.. that will definitely last me through tomorrow's break

>> No.10135376

Thank you for your hard work, soundbite anon. Extraordinarily based of you.
You wouldn't mind if I went back through the threads and added them to the mega, would you? I think it's time to start collecting them.

>> No.10135537 [SPOILER] 

This nephilim is thirsty as fuck godDAMN
Thanks for the soundpack, really appreciate it

>> No.10135578


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