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Theoretically speaking, if a hololive member passed away, how would Cover handle it?

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shut the fuck up, literally the 20th death thread i’ve seen this week. i do not care

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Just hire a new VA

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If they're smart, they'd go all out and give a full on procession and ceremony with eulogies and shit. Stream the coffin lowering with a vtuber cutout taped on it. Fucking make history.
But it's Cover, so they'd just pull a Kaoru

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remove her from the website
delete the channel
dmca all the clips
forbid the others from talking about her

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Where have I seen this before?

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Like coco, people will be sad for a week then forget her forever

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They will just replace the VA

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what happened to her?

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no idea, how anykara handled when they killed shiba?

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like they did with suisei. then just give a lame excuse saying doing a voice will hurt her throat

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They had the perfect opportunity to do that with Aloe. Pretty sure most of the people crying about her just hated seeing this go to waste.

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Cover would blame the talent for dying and then suspend them for two weeks before a forced graduation with no fanfare

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archive is your friend

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Ah yes, let's just repeat the Gamebu incident.

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Unironically what archive? They're all fucked pieces of garbage nowadays.

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> do your reps bro
> i do my reps
> more fags saying 'do your reps'

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Ogey rrat

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>Archive is your friend
>the answer is "literally nobody knows, except people making up rrats"

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Still feel bad for Guchico. Huge holofag gets a chance to create a holo just to watch her graduate in two weeks.

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>both were huge holofags
>Guchi and Aloe got really close which for her is a big deal
>Guchi has to watch the entire shitstorm unfold
>then had to watch the shitstorm that followed as he is a member of her roommates fanbox
>still supports her having his wife send her messages and Aloe even responding to them

I feel bad for them both. There was a fanbox stream where Delu mentioned how much she loves Liz from Fate and how she studied her a lot when working with Guchi and for the character in general...

That being said Goku wished on a monkey paw or something since his actual wife is a vtuber and the guy is essentially married to his oshi and has a daughter with her.

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Suspend them for a severe breach of contract and forbid anyone from mentioning them again.

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>most of them are getting the jab
>one of them dying is a very real possibility now

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Just change the VA, it happened with Ayame and nobody noticed.

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Immediately after Ame got the jab she coincidentally started feeling sick for a few weeks. But you're a /pol/tard if you point that out.

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Not them, just their wombs...which is why it makes no sense for younger people to take the jab.

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Anon, she came back from the farm upstate 2 months ago, and it wasn't total radio silence even before then.

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With a press release and alot of playing it up for pity bucks. Also I'm sure a bunch of Holo members would be sad and taking breaks.

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