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>everyone playing MK8
>she says fuck off and plays GTA
>mogs everyone with her BIG numbers

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The queen of Hololive.

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The REAL Gura killer.

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>>mogs everyone with her BIG numbers

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good, that'll teach em to stop playing fucking mario kart all the fucking time AGHH FUCK I HATE NINTENDO I HATE JAPAN I HATE WOMEN

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The bunny on her head blinks when she blinks, making her into a terrifying four eyed monster.

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>Pekora could easily go solo and it wouldn't change a thing since she doesn't need collabs to be entertaining

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Towa said she invited those who couldn't come in the last yuru-mario collab. Only exception is Akirose

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Based peko mogging the secondary's secondaries

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pekkers is the GOAT
simple as

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Maybe people doesn't feel like watching those MK stream anymore because the winner are so predictable. I don't know, just a guess
It's always the same few Holo on the top while the other just do god know what at the bottom

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>Roughly 6 mins into the MK8 collab vs 5 hours into the GTAV stream
>Total concurrent views of the MK8 collab is 43k vs Pekora's 24k

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Who is/are these numberfags spamming the board for the last 8-12 hours? Like half the threads on the catalogue are about someones numbers.

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ff6's moogle is not a verb, faggot.

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Here is one 1h30 into the collab, about 90k viewers. OP is a faggot

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The vtuber queen casually DABS on her subjects to remind them who runs this joint. Absolute power move.

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I hate pekora

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Solo she wouldn't have the holoserver to play minecraft on.
She could go to other public servers or start her own but it wouldn't be the same.
Her collabing with other members would be also missing.
Don't get me wrong, she'd still make it on her own, she'd definitely do better than Coco is doing right now, but so say that it wouldn't make a difference is just not true.

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Let's be honest, Pekora is turning into one of the biggest content creators in the world with the numbers she is pulling on consistent basis.

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these gta streams are so fucking funny

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did she said it ? you know THAT word.

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Her GTA stream is fucking golden

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why are numbersagis like this? would they even watch her if she didn't get numbers?

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It's essentially Pekora The Game.

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you have your own threads for this, numbersfag

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