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councilbros it happened again...

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Why is their growth so slow? HoloMyth is gaining way more subs compared to them

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council is still trying to find out how they want to stream if that makes sense. myth's streams were hella awkward in the beginning and it took a while for me to actually enjoy watching them on a consistent basis. council has huge collab potential too so once they find their groove they will grow fast

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Vtuber fad is over, Holocouncil is the most talented group of vtubers we've ever seen and their growth doesnt seem to be the same as the lesser quality Holomyth so that means the whole vtuber popular is declining.

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>Holocouncil is the most talented group of vtubers we've ever seen
Come again?

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Normalfags jumped to the next bandwagon and are going outside again. It's just us incels now. Anyone that didn't pander to us exclusively is now fucked and will soon die in a ditch.

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it's because the fanbase is not growing

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anon is an eop, please understand

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poor rat

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vtuber boom is over

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Normals were never into this. Not once, even when Pokimane tried jumping onto the bandwagon. Anyway, it's nice to have at least one hobby to ourselves, however long until the wheels fall off.

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take your meds

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Coco leaving killed the hololive meme.

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Sana had a big day today actually making content people wanted to watch + she got to host the Council collab. Don't expecting it too often though.

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talented as in singing/drawing, but that doesn't matter cause they're all boring as hell to watch

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It's this, council didn't grow the fanbase like myth.

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I was here when people said that about anime. Now it's mainstream.

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fanbase has peaked, hit the ceiling, and is now a red ocean. Council members are nothing but rest stops for most EN viewers who already have oshis in myth

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I honestly think they're test subjects for some anti-botting measure that the rest of hololive isn't being subject to. I find it really hard to believe that 10k new people wake up every day and go "today I will sub to Mori/Ame/whoever because I just suddenly realized how amazing they are." If they were at 500k subs, fine that makes sense, but they're already at 1m+. Not even 1% of those people watch live or view vods. This isn't meant as a slight to anyone, the numbers just don't make sense to me.

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Baelz and Sauna are going up, Kronii is just flashy

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It is probably the last time Hololive made the ‘news!. Before and after that it was Haachama, her hiatus and 2nd hiatus.

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LMAO nice try coping but that time is when most people stayed home and just watched random sht you can even see the increase in JP holos sub, but I guess you dont know that

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Vtuber growth peaked in 2020, its just been slowly dwindling as this year went on and people aren't stuck at home anymore. You need to truly stand out to get numbers, and here with Council Kronii is really the only one that stands out cause she's paizuri bait and dom fetish with unique voice. Rest of Council doesn't really stand out nearly as much.

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You know that everyday more people comes to know and find out hololive for the first time right? from r/all, from roleplaying forum, from this board, from doxxsite, even from adult fiction site.

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Susan fuckery

Waiting a year between gens was not a good idea

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Council isnt getting more people like Myth did. Everyone subbing now are already hololive/vtuber fans that are just now buying into EN2

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You don't need to be first, but it helps.

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when you spout shit like this you only turn away potential new fans

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Pretty much this. You have to figure the fanbase is only as big as Gura's sub count minus bots and people on multiple accounts. Not everyone will sub to all the girls so it takes something big usually to see a burst in subs. So until another big happening that gets people shifting around you will probably see a bit of stagnation while people just find girls through collabs that haven't subbed to them yet.

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I know this is bait but holy shit.....meds.

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lightning never strikes twice.

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Overhype advertising inevitably leads to disappointment. Blame Omegatranny.

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no, not even among EN vtubers

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Redpill me on HoloCouncil
I watched all their debuts but nothing since has interested me in getting to watch them.

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I know this is bait, but a 270k average in a month is very good.

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>ex-tatsus tell themselves this
zhang things kiara is a narcissist, kronii's character is narcissism, but you faggots. (YOU) faggots are the biggest narcissists.

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>the whole vtuber popular is declining.
But we know this. Vtubing had its peak, and it's been on a gradual decline since late spring.

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Do people really hates Australians this much?

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>most boring and annoying has most subs
lol everytime
You might have forgotten but holo en 1 debuted during peak of global lockdowns. People simply do not have the time to watch and play as much anymore because the capital owners go back to work piggies.

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HoloMyth has more subs and thus gets more exposure in youtube's algorithm. New people getting into vtubers and hololive will find Myth first.
Then you have the "first girl best girl" meme from harem anime where the first girl is typically the main best waifu of the harem, or is picked for marriage at the end. Thus a new viewer picks one of the Myth members as their oshi early on.
After watching a while, the viewer might get addicted and start to watch every stream from their oshi and several other Myth members, who they now recognize as family members of their oshi. This brings the entire group up, because Gura cares about other Myth members, some of her viewers will watch other members just because they want to support Gura's group.
Now you have a person who is relatively new to hololive, but is becoming addicted. At this point most of their free time is spent watching streams and vods from Myth.
They hear about EN2 after a while, maybe through the youtube algorithm or from friends. They might try out a stream here or there, but their time is still occupied by Myth.
The only way for Council to overcome this is for their members to be more entertaining by a lot, but this isn't the case. Myth is more talented and more entertaining in most cases when compared to Council. See Kronii and Mumei's last collab for example.
Council is still getting into their groove. When Kronii hits 500k subs they might get more traction. Overall I think Council will eventually have more subs than most JP chuubas simply due to the language. There are over 100x more EOPs than JOPs.

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Not loli debuff
Kek, troon manager killed her

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They're all pretty shit. Their lore is too big and unwieldy for them to properly be able to play off of it like Calli or Ame do, and they don't have that many interesting and unique skills to bring to the table like all of EN1 did. They're so boring that Kronii gets a boost just from having a somewhat interesting voice. At the end of the day, they have nothing really to seperate them from any other streamer.

I'm baffled at how cover managed to fuck up this hard when they got EN1 so right.

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Omega is the future meaning of failure recruit LOL
>He seems supportive to his talents though LMOA

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I think having two aussies fucked both of them. If only one of them was an aussie all the aussie memes would have been focused on her and that would have become "her thing", but with both of them being aussies, it gets spread out and it feels a lot less unique so fans aren't as invested.

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Hyping them up as the gods of Hololive and staking everything on DEEPEST LORE set expectations too high, it’s a bad idea too build then up as “You liked HoloMyth, you’re gonna love HoloCouncil!” by doing the same kind of fantasy theme but just with more powerlevels.
Part of the reason people got behind Myth was the underdog factor. They were the first big debut in English and a lot of people thought they’d completely flop. The success of Myth not only built an EOP platform in Hololive but grew it for vtubing in general. So for Council to debut with that secure footing that Myth built for them, and all the marketing being about what hot shit Council are going to be, there’s no reason to feel like they need saviorfagging because they already feel like they’re a success before debut, even if they’re not.

Alpha giving itself a fucking narcissistic chuunk god avatar for being a glorified personal assistant, instead of being a humble office worker like A-chan or any normal person basically says it all.

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You say that but rat hasn't really branded herself as the aussie experience, it's pretty much entirely on Sana.

>> No.10041893

>You say that but rat hasn't really branded herself as the aussie experience

She was upside down for a reason.

>> No.10041918

She also did a mad max watchalong

>> No.10042033

Based take. The other should've been an Euro(not German) to diversify. Thank fuck the other 3 is carrying hard tho.

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The talented girls were scooped up by niji etc.

>> No.10042467

Rat feels like she hasnt found herself yet and is bound by the lore/expectations. It all just seems forced like shes playing a character but hasnt figured out what the characters supposed to be. Think shes got potential though.

>> No.10042591

Omega was in charge of recruiting HoloMyth, though. Without him HololiveEN would likely be weaker.

>> No.10042667

If only Cover had found a decent, English-speaking frog...

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Talented girls, shit management shackling them to chuuni gimmicks they can't actually explore in-depth because muh yabs and the format of 2D fapbait Let's Play, bungled debut, Permissions Not Found Exception being thrown everywhere so the girls don't play the games they're good at for the most part (Mumei having ZERO games she requested greenlighted). In spite of this they get thousands of viewers, with Sana having been particularly fucked over by Youtube eating subscribers, being a brown girl in an industry where white is beautiful and Aussie hours .

>> No.10042723

Sana is the only one who seems like she's not playing some retarded character.
You can feel people being fake through the screen. They need another few months in the oven to see how they do once they stop acting.

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Even Kiara, the slowest Myth member, took 4 months to drop bellow +4k new subscribers per day
Vtubers will be forgotten before Sana reachs 1 million subscribers

>> No.10042985

It's not just about branding but also about their streaming hours being wonky.

>> No.10043034

Bullshit. There's no way there weren't 5 girls with an interesting talent on the entire internet. Just getting one of the million piano streamer girls on twitch would have created a niche for one of the girls.

>> No.10043056

>properly be able to play off of it like Calli or Ame do
One-off jokes every now and then in-between constant kayfabe destruction?

>> No.10043068

>Talented girls
I have yet to see much proof for this.

>> No.10043095

Guess you need to watch streams and VODs

>> No.10043135

LOL maybe the talent is about having a deep lore acknowledge like how sana is into space sht that turned off many of her viewers

>> No.10043193

Literally every single one of Calli's songs is full to the brim with her talking about her being a reaper.

But either way. Having a more specific identity is easier to play with. Being an astronaut and a Roman empress leads to a lot more situations, gags, and references than the vague avatars of space and civilization.

>> No.10043195

Everyone can accidentally do brain surgery bro, it's doing it twice that's the trick.

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they got 2 of 5 for Myth, don't be delusional
>Mori- if it isn't involving her music or her TTRPG, she doesn't care
>Watson- cancels streams a lot and rages when she is given any kind of criticism
>Kiara- numberfag of EN, hates that she is last in subs and views. Also is a complete leech

Ina and Gura were literally the only good hires. Gura only gets a pass because she brings in numbers and not because of her formerly lazy streaming habits.

>> No.10043265

Fine. Give me the single best stream for each of the girls and I will make an honest effort to watch all of it.

>> No.10043413

What happens if you have a more or less static number of fans, but keep introducing more and more vtubers anyway?

>> No.10043419

Kiara's is just 50 concepts mashed together and I would argue she's made the most of her lore, she does tonnes of things with the KFP branding and has a means of personifying her fans as chickens. We get something to call her, we get themed emotes, themed backgrounds, in-jokes between the fans and our streamer, tonnes of stuff.

The council lore was just bad.

>Why was there a time themed person when Watson already covered that
>How can you theme Civilisation? Is she a town? No. Is she a Mayor? No. Is she a leader of a civilasation that we're all members of? No. She's just a fucking owl. With a bag.
>How do you theme Chaos? Are the fans supposed to be agents of chaos? Is she going to be chaotic? No. She just has a stupid name that has "Khaos" in it. What is Baez an anagram of? Nothing? Cool.
>How do you theme Time? Time travel? No, she doesn't do that, that's Watson's thing. Maybe she has different characterisation based on what timeline she's speaking from? No, again, Watson. Does she do anything Time based at all? No. She just has a clock on her head.

I don't even know the others, I haven't watched their streams, they're just so uninteresting. What a disappointment this gen is.

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>Kronii in mc stream asking for pc fund
The only one I think is good to make bank LOL
>Idk if that anon is serious about good streams though

>> No.10043503

Mumei acts like she did in her old 1 million sub channel, Kronii is allowed to do what she is good at by superchat existing and fuana is already bigger than her old asmr channel. Compared to baelz who was an indie but got her whole person switched and sana a internet famous artist who hadnt had a drawing stream until yesterday.

>> No.10043533

>Kiara's is just 50 concepts mashed together and I would argue she's made the most of her lore,
The toy sword and shield are the only parts of her that seem pointless. Everything else makes sense. A phoenix that owns a chicken restaurant. Pretty simple.

>> No.10043540

Is Sana good though like how /vt/ proudly calls her ina-killer?

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>Literally every single one of Calli's songs is full to the brim with her talking about her being a reaper.
And then she goes and does livecam shit and interviews with dumbfuck e-celebs where she talks about her roommate's life.

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Council is shit, it's as simple as that.

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connor nunca follará tu coño

>> No.10043805

>he literally doesn't watch streams and calls them boring
Anon, maybe your first impression was cast during the crappy debut?

>> No.10043819

Talent doesn't equate to charisma anon. Other than Kronii and Mumei, the rest of council are as good at entertaining people as a chocolate fireplace. Baelz, in particular, was given one of the most unique designs but she fucked it up by sounding like Anya who laughs like Kiara every 30s.

>> No.10043853

a chocolate fireplace sounds pretty entertaining. Definitely more entertaining that a real fireplace.

>> No.10043910

>Roman empress
Don't do that. Don't give me hope.

>> No.10043934

doesnt seem like it on stream desu. Maybe ina is faster or sana just takes a long time making those "masterpieces" of art some people are using as reference to label her as "inakiller"

>> No.10043941

I watched a few of the streams afterwards but I never made it past 30 minutes because they were just so boring. I'm asking for each girl's best stream to give them the best shot to impress me.

Why is it always so fucking hard to get you faggots to shill your oshis? This isn't the first time I've asked and you people never recommend anything. Its like you know how boring they are and you cower away n shame.

>> No.10044043

It's because entertainment is subjective and >we don't equally enjoy every Council member. If >we said >we liked Mumei because she's good at keeping kayfabe and contriving autistic moments, you'd whine that she's a tryhard and an actual retard. If >we said we liked Fauna's ASMR and aura of sexuality or Kronii's fapbait design, you'd claim we are incels who like whores with a boring voice. If >we claimed we liked Baelz, you'd call us pedos. If >we claimed we liked Sana's horoscope readings and Aussie antics, you'd claim we were just saviorfagging.

>> No.10044095

>seems like councilfags know their oshi well

>> No.10044171

I don't particularly like Ina, Mori, or Kiara, But I could pretty easily provide a good stream (or even just clips) for each of them if someone asked. Yet again you are deflecting because gen2 is a dud.

>If >we claimed we liked Baelz, you'd call us pedos

Where do you think you are? This is UUOOOH central.

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>> No.10044274

True LMAO Councilfags is just pitying their oshi because of how untalented they are and just basically coomberbaits

>> No.10044404

There's no kino in HoloCouncil and the ones who has the potential to be kino are whores with boyfriends so the majority of Hololive's fanbase (unicornfags) are turned off.

>> No.10044537

I'm glad the boyfriend gen isn't doing as great as Myth. This stuff should not be normalized.

>> No.10044689


She's constantly breaking the character in her songs, sometimes they even have triple meaning

>I never had a life to begin with
>And now I've got two,
>Double the power to sin with

That can be
>Her public and private reaper life
>Her life as real person and the character
>She was a nobody and now she has 2 extra famous personas (Mori and double D) to do whatever she wants to

It's a subtle dog whistle that newbeats quickly learn to listen

>> No.10044738

Anon, lightning has struck many times.

>> No.10045057


Its been an hour since I first asked and none of you councilfags have been able to man up and defend your oshi. At this point it's a tacit admission that you know your oshis are boring as fuck and you can't provide good streams or clips because they don't exist.

>> No.10045151

LOL I'm also waiting the conversation seems interesting
>How sad and pathetic that councilfags dropped it to soon

>> No.10045450

>Catch all of HoloMyth's streams that I can over the week
>have to catch the VODs for the ones that I cant watch
>by the time I finish there's no more time left in the week

What's the point of Holocouncil? there's already too much content being made, they're redundant and nobody has enough time to watch everyone so far.

>> No.10045500

You go Sana, it's a long shot but you'll put that rat in her place eventually.

>> No.10045647

This thread is bait but they all lost like 200k+ subs.
They had two or three mass purges of subs and were constantly bleeding subs in the days leading up to and after debut.
Irys only debuted about month before them and is already at 638k.
The Holo fanbase didn't just disappear in a month, it's obvious that Youtube messing with them is the reason.

>> No.10045736

No cunny. Doomed from the start.

>> No.10045773

sasuga doxxbeat prime

>> No.10045922

Reddit moments:
>fauna circlejerkng lenny face
>baelz npcing on the dude stop quiz
>Sana playing sjw nightmare hell game
>Kronii being a meme trashcan

>> No.10045974

If those hundreds of thousands of subs that vanished were legit though wouldn't those people quickly find out and resubscribe?
If they're real viewers they'd know they have debuted and wonder why they're not getting notified. Or the algorithm would suggest the videos.
Sure you might lose a few thousand for good for whatever reason but the vast majority must have come back by now if they were real.

>> No.10046017

>Sana playing sjw nightmare hell game
What game did she play that triggered them so? The crab game?

>> No.10046117

I mean isn't that the same with JP too? besides not every subs will legitimately watch your content but rather just sub to ride the waves too

>> No.10046157

Probably Celeste

>> No.10046262

Because you're right and they're really boring

>> No.10046431

Not necessarily, especially if they were unsubscribed multiple times or have a lot of other subscriptions.
If they were all bots then why are Council the only ones that were purged so many times?
Wouldn't Irys and the other Holos be getting purged?
Phase Connect had the same issue shortly after debut although it was on a much smaller scale.
We know that Youtube has been messing with things that have caused issues since December when EN live views suddenly dropped by around 40%.

>> No.10046435

Youtube algorithm benefits bigger channels because they end up showing up on more suggestions and the like. If you don't have a strong start, it becomes an uphill climb until you get that one viral video, which isn't really going to happen when most VTuber videos are just standard lets plays but with an anime girl in the corner.

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>Ina and Gura were literally the only good hires
Lets not kid ourselves, Ina streams are the cure for insomnia. The only true good hire was Gura

>> No.10046467

Thanks for making me check, just saw I'm indeed unsubscribed. It's hard to notice when most people just rely on the home page recommended which always show the holo streams.

>> No.10046480

>But I could pretty easily provide a good stream (or even just clips) for each of them if someone asked.
To be fair, they've had more time. I doubt you can find many memorable Month 1 clips of the Holomyth girls outside of Gura's "a".

>> No.10046495

I literally only enjoy Ina in Myth.
Zoomers like Amelia tire me.

>> No.10046583

This reminds me distinctly of investors wanting game developers to keep one upping their previous games, in an unsustainable cycle, and then when it all inevitably falls apart people ask where things went wrong.

>> No.10046661

This. To be frank I think the “market saturated” memes are true. There are too many chuubas between Hololivr, Nijisanji and indies for some of them not to be left in the dust. Vtubing will become like traditional streamers on Twitch where you might be a 2-view for your whole life unless a stroke of luck happens and you manage to end up on r/LiveStreamFails or something.

>> No.10046708

Wake up anon, it's August 22nd are you hyped for the council debut?
>Space: Anime girl Stephen Hawking, first holk in a wheel chair and drool physics
>Time: Amelia Watson again, but from a different timeline and also she's Canadian
>Nature: A tree.
>Civilization: Genderswapped Adolf Hitler, fan name: aryans
>Chaos: an actual camgirl, no live2d

>> No.10046818

Cover really did wait too long for the new gen. Now everyone has settled in with Myth and aren't moving over to council.

>> No.10047036
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I dont think youre going to catch lightening in a bottle like Myth again. The EN vtuber fanbase was pretty damn huge and had no outlet in Augest of 2020 outside of like Pikamee and twitch vtubers. Suddenly Myth comes onto the scene and all of that energy can flow right into them. It also helped that Gura become a huge success over night and leaked into the mainstream with the A meme.

>> No.10047058

The Holo Myth anniversary stream got over 1 million views in less than 24 hours.
Not everyone that watched it is going to subscribe to other channels but it shows that there is a huge active EN fanbase.
The idea that these are their actual, unaltered sub counts is ridiculous.

>> No.10047105

>I doubt you can find many memorable Month 1 clips of the Holomyth girls outside of Gura's "a"


Here's one for each. There's also Ina's many drawing streams, Gura's musedash skills, Watson's crazy stories, Mori's songs, Kiara's bottom left, and many more. All extremely significant

There is a wealth of great top-tier clips and streams from EN1's first month. Where is even a fraction of this for EN2? Please link it. It should be much easier for you since you don't have to sort through tons of more recent clips.

>> No.10047161

best streams:
>sana karaoke
>Mumei first Passpartout
>Fauna's pokemon unite stream
>baelz west of loathing stream
>baelz playing crab game with sana
>Mumei & kronii playing We Were Here Together
>garlic phone COUNCIL

>> No.10047169

Anon, he is just asking for streams. Gura's memorable stream is literally her Muse Dash stream, which is the 3rd thing she ever did in her channel. If not that, then she has her Outlast playthrough which was really good for early Gura standards.
I don't recall much of the others, but Ina's drawing stream is very much characteristic of her content, so give that. Ame has done Valorant within her one month, suggest that. If you want creative, do Ame's date stream.
KFP will have to give you the first month Kiara vid. As for Mori, my favorite xontent of her is solo zatsus and those never stopped being good.

>> No.10047276

Thank you, you're literally the first EN2 fan to ever actually provide evidence that you even believe they produce good streams.

Also, does Kronii not have any good solo streams?

Good streams usually lead to good clips, so I'd say both are fine.

>> No.10047331

I mean if I was that guy too I will not consider spoiling coomerchat with retard line request a good stream or even a clip too

>> No.10047506

NTA but Kronii has been more or less consistent since her debut, if that didn't grab your attention then you probably won't care for her solo streams.

>> No.10047511

Look at this random shit that has 1m views. The first month was packed full of good stuff.

>> No.10047540

Has she gotten better at filling dead air? In the streams I saw she always had like, 5 seconds of dead air between each sentence.

>> No.10047580

It's over for councilkeks and they're in full damage control mode. Kneel before Myth and you may yet be saved.

>> No.10047616

Myth was daring while cover played it too safe with Council

>> No.10047759

esl begone

>> No.10047768

She has improved with that I feel, at least I don't notice it as often as I used to.

>> No.10047786

>Ame has a boyfriend
>Ina is married
>Gura has a boyfriend
Anon, En is the boyfriend branch

>> No.10048111

I'd need proof for nr.1 and 2.
I'd honestly be stumped if Ina had a bf - let alone a husband -
And regarding the last one, here's something fun from the good old days.
Hope you enjoy it.

>> No.10048173

>Kiara's is just 50 concepts mashed together
And a few of those concepts weren't even there to begin with but because "canon" because she loves playing with her fanbase's jokes. The Usual Room wasn't even something she came up with, but she took it and ran with it into a part of her character.

>> No.10048773

HololiveEN was a mistake. They all should fucking graduate. Hololive was bigger and better before you feminist whores came and infected everyone.

We want pure virginal waifus like Pekora or Korone. Not your fat 3DPG whores like Mori or Kronii

>> No.10048860

this, but unironically. EN really did fuck up JP & ID branches. We may even still have Coco if EN wasn't a thing since all those EOPs would be contained to just one person.

>> No.10049621

This is bait but still hate /biz/ retards that think they're playing some kinda internet wallstreet bullshit thing with hololive and that they can make sense of YT stupid bullshit algorithm especially when they're too retarded, lazy and stupid to realize it's already a solved problem and extremely exploitable thing already by shitty bot channels no less. Fuck off.

>> No.10049818

your picrel made me think that gura doing a WWE video game stream with holoEN chuuba skins fighting in the ring would make for a great stream.

>> No.10049974

>>Why was there a time themed person when Watson already covered that
It wasn't official. She stapled that onto her lore herself.

>> No.10050110
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will fauna ever recover?

>> No.10050118

People knew some of them were roasties so they got turned off. In holoMyth people hated Kiara but she never shamelessly publicized her relationship so in the end she is growing too. holocouncil is the beginning of the end of hololive as a whole with its wokeness.

>> No.10050260

I wrote them off from the start because they didn't have a loli.

>> No.10050305

Because they're shit

>> No.10050310


>> No.10050528

I mean, yes anon. Definitely.
They won't get game perms for that though, but it is not a bad idea at all.
Holofightz is popular here after all because it is a good idea.

>> No.10050559

These council whores are literally just generic twitch thots

>> No.10050566
File: 191 KB, 1856x1712, smugsulu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> most talented

>> No.10050616

>I'm baffled at how cover managed to fuck up this hard when they got EN1 so right.
Coco had a hand in selecting the girls from Myth. Now that she's gone they have to rely on some chuuni tranny, which is why we got 2 whores, 2 sjw dykes, and ollie 2.0

>> No.10050645

This is not true

>> No.10050667

If they can't get WWE perms, just play a MDickie game instead.

>> No.10050805

Holomyth has the best loli vtuber.
And Ina is flat too.
Holoconsil is filled with hags.

>> No.10050902

t. coping cover shill

>> No.10050960

>Wouldn't Irys and the other Holos be getting purged?
Council is the only one that was forced(botted)

>> No.10051039

Also their lore is too cringe and restrictive.
If they wanted to do something like this it should have been that they are somekind of newly created beings to help the gods keep up with modern trends so that they can have more room to develop the characters themselves or simply not have them all have the same back story.

>> No.10051155

nobody cares about lore

>> No.10051218

Lore matters for literally a week, long enough for you to go from "space vtuber I'll check her out" to "whoa big bazongas". Their first collab was making fun of the lore, that's how little a fuck about it you should give.

>> No.10051239

Yup, someone (omegatroon) wants to push for more liberal shit into hololive and it failed dramatically.

>> No.10051249

but their lore is too op. why have crazy concepts like thus as lore.

>> No.10051350

Yeah a week where your growth is going to be at it's strongest.
Just look at Kiara she started the weakest and never recovered.

>> No.10051381

>liberal shit into hololive
fill me in

>> No.10051386

>he doesn't know

>> No.10051550

Kronii and Sana are sjw dykes
Deer and Owl are whores with boyfriends(cuckoldry)

>> No.10051666

Sana was based off an edited fake blog post.
Kronii is a whole lot of nothing.

>> No.10051765

Well, they all lost 150K subs. Youtube really fucked them over badly.

>> No.10051788

>sana openly talking about the fake vax
>kronii going hard with the trying not to offend anyone shit
okay satan

>> No.10051821

Bot subs

>> No.10051922

The lore is stupid and I agree they should have been merely "agents" of their given theme, not literal gods.

>> No.10051941

You do know all 5 of them lost 150K subs right? Youtube freaked out when people where subbing them and removed 150K from them in 2 days. It also happened to other vtuber groups so something is up with Youtube.

>> No.10051948

jp style vtubing is dying, it was based on cringe idol subculture to begin with and only really attractive to incels
we haven't seen the real boom yet, privacy is becoming practically impossible so all forms of anonymous social activity are going to blow tf up
these boards are still blowing up and expect that to keep happening as other sites adopt strict censorship and this remains one of the last places on the internet to escape from the thought police
giving companies your real name, irl photos, any and all personal data will be looked at like smearing shit on the bathroom walls retarded by the coming generation

>> No.10052015
File: 44 KB, 558x614, 1602830592201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10052052

if you're talking about the sub loss pre-debut then those people already re-subbed. accounts without videos get their subs cleansed bc why would an account with no videos have subs? algo thinks they are bots

>> No.10052499

what wokeness?

>> No.10052575

how the fuck they're sjw?

>> No.10052656

The new Trinity is doing well

>> No.10052901

Lmao, feel the same, council gen seems lack of speciality and what kind of main content they want to pursue (except fauna with ASMR).

In myth, at least it is clear that Ina main content is art/drawing, Calli is rap and music, Kiara pursuing billingual bridge, Gura game stream, ame is meme generator

>> No.10053180

Vaccine is not political except in America, where she doesn’t live BTW.
Kronii does seem worried about offending people, but that’s about it.

>> No.10053313

>Vaccine is not political except in America

>> No.10054329

>Vaccine is not political except in America
It's political everywhere depending on how hard the gov tries to shove it down people's throats, so Australia most of all actually

>> No.10054358

Her muse dash (RIP VOD) stream, she was really good at playing it.
Her first month was mostly song releases, and zatsudans where she talked about them. But she did show us that Ina wasn't the only one in EN that could draw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak6dKdrMi9E
Her Call of Cthulhu playthrough is her first streamed game and that shit spawned most of the early /hlgg/ memes, everyone had fun watching it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BgP7rXJSJg
Her Superliminal playthrough was the first single player game she streamed after debut, she literally made everyone fall in love with her and spawned the goslings with that stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pqox9-28ZD0
I remember Super Mario sufferkino being good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyjvTl8FMVE

>> No.10054739

>2D fapbait Let's Play, bungled debut, Permissions Not Found Exception being thrown everywhere
Out of all the knocks the Council took, I think this is one of the biggest ones.
"The Guardian of Civilization" can't play Sid Meier's Civilization isn't just lame and sad for Mumei, it shows a clear lack of thought into what demographics they wanted to engage with. If Cover thought "We want to launch a V-Tuber who engages with strategy / world-building game players", as opposed to idol fans, Minecraft fans, or FPS players, their PR and permissions folks should've been raising concerns about online pissing matches and trolls because someone's game recreated the rape of Nanking or showed Russia taking over Eastern Europe.
Obviously that didn't happen, so now there's 5 more members that are like the other 40, and overlap with what Ninji has too.

>> No.10054892

Didn't Ame also play that?

>> No.10054959

The problem is they're treating the EN market like they do the JP one. Japs are higher IQ and are more willing to sample a new chuuba's content to see if it's more to their tastes while westoids will just flock to the channel with the highest numbers like lemmings because they think popular = better.

>> No.10055067

Yeah, and while it's true that the dev went megatroon, the game is supposedly about that

Although if you make it retroactively like that, it's funny as shit
>there's another person inside of me
>it wants to kill me

>> No.10055103

>is supposedly NOT about that
excuse me

>> No.10055173

Enlighten me, what wokeness?

>> No.10055238

She's at 1.2 Million subs......

>> No.10055504

The Vax is quite political in AUS, but I don't think her saying that makes her an SJW.

>> No.10055533

Irys is beating her in viewers, Kiara has so many dead subs its not even funny

>> No.10057105

I'm not a mythfag or councilfag, but my oshi is in myth and the councils are more pleasant to listen to than the other myth girls.
I'll list the council based of my subjective preferences:

> Kronii
- a pleasant voice
- a meme machine
- pretty good at puzzle games
- a VA portfolio
- takes a long time to recover from surprise jabs
- can't stream for a long time

- comfy ASMRs
- EN holomama
- nasal voice

- a singer and a VA
- kusoge contents
- zoomer banters

- decent artist

- a retard
- it's infectious

- a renowned artist

- a heavy AU accent

I like Kronii's and Fauna's solo contents the most. The others are pretty good at collabs.
Some good collab moments outside of councils:
Gura vs Mumei
IRyS vs Kronii

>> No.10057393

>sana openly talking about the fake vax
Does anyone have the clip or stream?

>> No.10057454

>- a heavy AU accent
Actual fucking retard.

>> No.10057539

Bae and Sana's aussie accent is one of their major cons imo, personally I love it

>> No.10057554
File: 38 KB, 960x643, 1484205471374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>talented as in singing/drawing

well Sana is a talented drawer ~ so this much checks out.

Problem is singing... how to put this into perspective. None of them are Gura, Mori or Irys. at worse they're Ina level, at best they are just worst then those three listed above (not much though).

But the real problem is they aren't very great streamers.


Koronii has the GFE down pat, and her speaking voice is top tier; since no one in Myth really nails down that niche, she'll grow well because no one else in EN provides that experience, even if she's a shitty game streamer, she'll have an audience and will easily hit 1mil subs before anyone else in council.

Fauna actually is filling a similar niche with the slightly ditzy elder sister type GFE. It sorta works... better then the rest of her streaming content at least.

The Owl is gunning for the the cute pill. she's also nailing down the autist/special needs experience. Overall she's basically Gura minus the real gremlin energy, dumber and with no where near the singing or streaming skills (she's painful to watch when streaming). She might grow into a power but right now she's making it purely on cute energy, not on quality content.

The Rat is just dull. she doesn't bring much of anything to the table. for the embodiment of chaos she's remarkably low energy and worse, she's fake, she comes off as terrible fake.

Sana is a goofy weirdo. Easily the most entertaining GAME streamer if her humor appeals to you (definitely a YMMV streamer), able to find amusement in pretty much any game experience and turn it into a laugh, either through good gaming skills (the best in her gen) or weird personality. She's also the best artist in her gen, might be the best artist in hololive. mediocre slightly better then ina-tier singer, and a slight speech impediment plus an unpopular avatar combined with her weird personality filter her viewership hard. she'll probably overtake the rat some day once she finds her niche/core appeal; but until people warm to her goofy personality she'll lag behind the rest of the council badly.

>> No.10057603

>Gura game stream, ame is meme generator
I thought they were the reverse

>> No.10057693
File: 102 KB, 800x800, 1500530470312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kronii and Sana are sjw dykes

why SEA-monkies feel the need to spread this shit blows my mind. The Sana stuff was fake as all hell, and nothing about the clock is true. Just because Sana's model is tanned doesn't mean she's some SJW, she's fucking anti-vax you cunt.

Just making shit up I see.

>> No.10057854

She said on stream that she will take time off for her second jab. Doesn't make her woke, but get your facts straight.

>> No.10057937

Owl was a choir girl, she's easily the best singer of her group if you watched her streams.
Also already a better artist than anyone outside Ina and Sana.

You knock Kronii and Mumei for streaming skills but I think they're the most successful because of how unconventional they are streaming.
Fauna and Sana are the best at normal streaming but there's way too many of those types around.

>> No.10057945

>she's fucking anti-vax you cunt.
She's taking a break to take the vax you dimwit, she all but said so herself. I don't care for all this shit around the vax either way (both people insisting that everyone who's skeptical of the vax should die, and people ordering fucking horse medicine and injecting that into themselves), but don't lie to make someone fit your narrative for them. Sana clearly doesn't care that much about being PC (see: her initial Celeste title card, calls other people master), you don't need to make shit up to make that point.

>> No.10058117

>giving companies your real name, irl photos, any and all personal data will be looked at like smearing shit on the bathroom walls retarded by the coming generation
this is the most retarded take ive ever seen and youre completely delusional
every single global trend is *against* privacy and freedom
internet anonymity is only relegated to internet weirdos
4chan and vtubing are fucking tiny, theyre nothing compared to the normiesphere

>> No.10058183

>The Rat is just dull. she doesn't bring much of anything to the table. for the embodiment of chaos she's remarkably low energy and worse, she's fake, she comes off as terrible fake.

That's why I like the west of loathing stream. For about the first half she's trying to copy Gura's stream and be le chaos, but she chose the hard hat and the dev's mastery of breaking down people like her actually starts to pull some sovl out of her.

>> No.10058204

>Not even 1% of those people watch live or view vods.
vods consistently get hundreds of thousands of views

>> No.10058302

i will wait until they collab with gura for them to impress me enough to give a sub
i only watched their debuts and none of them impressed me enough
t. ojisan with only enough time to watch what i really like

>> No.10058426

You should watch her MC collab with the owl then.

>> No.10058493

i did, was still not impressed
actually its more like, "oh is this that new chuuba they debuted, go get em gura" and afterwards i still had no real reason to check em out
as said i will wait until a formal stream where theyre prepared for it, give them an actual platform to impress

>> No.10058516

>debuts only
Why though? Those are generally some of the least impressive streams any vtuber will put out. Even Gura's debut was pretty weak up until she whipped out the City Pop Shark performance.

>> No.10058782

>i only watched their debuts and none of them impressed me enough

thats like only watching trailers for movies/games

>> No.10059015

>openly talking about the fake vax
she only said for 1 second that she was getting it, there was nothing more or nothing less than just an explanation for her upcoming break.

I don't care enough about Kronii to check if she's like that or not, so i'll take your word for it until I see evidence that says otherwise, but given you overdramatized the thing about Sana I wouldn't be surprised if this is also something you blew out of proportion.

>> No.10059606

She nearly had a breakdown after reading the name "HurtTheImpeared" during a superchat reading stream. As far as portents go it's not a good one.

>> No.10059937

EN fans are a fleeting thing. They hop around to whatever is shiny at the moment. It's why EN'fans' talking about 'oshi's has always been hilarious since they jump ship within a few months.

>> No.10060568

lol no

>> No.10060602

t. eop

>> No.10060639

AHAHAHAHA this is a next level of delusion

>> No.10060676

yeah, petra is doing really nice huh

>> No.10060719

cope anon

>> No.10061019


it's september, she's getting her jab because to do anything in ausi-land you need to get the fucking jab. they're arresting people in kangaroo land for not having it. She's not getting it because she's pro-vax, she's getting it to avoid jail. christ anyone pro jab would have got that fucking thing half a year ago.

>> No.10061375

>>Alpha giving itself a fucking narcissistic chuunk god avatar for being a glorified personal assistant, instead of being a humble office worker like A-chan or any normal person basically says it all.

okay, this anon is spitting the real facts. I agree, making the girls stupid powerful is dumb. Even though it shouldn't be logical, the gachikoi brain wants a weak girl, not a galaxy-sized delicious chocolate aussie or the lord of time mc. booba. They want Rabbit the Unlucky or the somewhat lesbian Dog that is into retro games

>> No.10061396

They're the first Hololive gen that I don't follow. Annoying Aussie accents and weak content, Fauna is your average ASMR channel, and Mumei is still too inexperienced and slow to show any of her real talent outside of art. she was supposed to have an original song release right after debut, where the hell is it? She has vsinger talent but doing nothing with it. Kronii is the most passable one but her character is all about being as bland as possible, but we already have that in Calliope. The only thing that could save this gen are collabs with HoloMyth, but that might serve to make the difference in power between them even more apparent as we have already seen a little of in Minecraft.

>> No.10061573

For what purpose? Why would I need to cope?

>> No.10061619

Watson's design is Slutty Detective lmao. It's thanks to her fanbase and her own creativity that the time-traveling gimmick works, all the way up to the iname snuff double suicide. In that regard, gura does the least for her character.
Not too much time has passed but has any holocouncil done anything for her lore? back and forth with her chat is what works best it seems. "Y-yeah I totally can manipulate gravity, that's why I uh... I am at odds with Kronni because she insists time isn't relative"

>> No.10061802

I thought he wanted to treat vtubing like an anime.

>> No.10061942

horse medicine that has been used on humans for hundreds of years, and won Nobel prizes in HUMAN medicine. Sana is probably not an sjw, but i have to wonder whether she is a pop-sci enthusiast, or a genuine science enjoyer.

>> No.10062046

boyfriend debuff

>> No.10062840

>chocolate fireplace
How'd you come up with that one?

>> No.10062942

I liked Kronii the most in the beginning, but now I prefer Mumei pretending to be a retard and Fauna having fun playing games. I hate ASMR so I skip that though

>> No.10062973

They come off as too regular and lacking in novelty. They're just kinda safe and boring.

>> No.10063045

>, Fauna is your average ASMR channel, a

It's funny how easy it is to spot people who don't actually watch Fauna.

>> No.10063051
File: 93 KB, 700x700, 1A49E84A-3837-4970-BEAD-30E4C95032B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What is Baelz an anagram of?
Blaze, it’s ‘Khaos Blaze’ hence the literal fire in her eye.

>> No.10063400

Or even reads threads as Fauna is now known more for slapping children and pickle

>> No.10063447


I think he got confused with the idiom "as useful as a chocolate teapot / fireguard"

>> No.10063524

cause you are a retard

>> No.10063764

Fauna does the most with the nature memes, like when Mumei was trying to kill cows in minecraft for their meat and Fauna got upset at her. Then she tried to set Mumei on fire when she went to sleep.

>> No.10064499


>> No.10066498 [SPOILER] 

This, I hate how fucking chuuni and overhyped their lore was. It's not even deep. You can summarize it all in like a minute because it's just surface-level lore dressed up in language so purple that it feels like it's coming from a high schooler's first fantasy story.

>> No.10066720

Who knows, it is a retarded cunt

Oh so you have no idea what the words you use mean

>> No.10066907

That's because a "mother nature" figure is a pretty comprehensible concept with tropes and characteristics attached to it. An "avatar of civilization" doesn't really mean anything.

>> No.10067322

An avatar of civilization should be a conqueror and builder.
She should strip mine Fauna's area and build a grand fortress and monuments representing her greatness.
She should be the best and worst humanity has to offer

>> No.10067421

She should declare war on Myth by building a flying TNT bomber right over their turf.

>> No.10068418

So many numberfag threads today.

>> No.10070914

They havent learned the way of nijisanji

>> No.10071345

They're boring and the games they play are boring.

>> No.10071414

I was gonna give them a chance but you turned off from it.

>> No.10075795

In some sense both are variety jack of all trade streamer. Gura is at least known for being so fucking good at rythm games, while i never saw ame being really excel at any games

>> No.10076301

The horror, 170k subs.

>> No.10081569

she'll probably pull an ame and drop the act. finally get comfy in her own skin and people will like her real personality. not saying she'll get all creatividad on us but i like chuubas better when they drop the act.

>> No.10082852

As others have said, most people have already attached themselves to a Myth girl. As a result, I'd bet there's at least some tribalism (outside of this board). Stuff like "they're funny, but I'm not gonna sub because no one should have more subs than Gura/Kiara/etc.."

For anyone who started watching with Myth, they're also likely familiar with clipfag culture. Clips made hololive big, but it also means you don't have to watch anyone's content on their channel. A lot of people have probably decided to follow Council through clips alone, at least for now.

>> No.10083678

Having most of them now with their latest schedules up I don't even feel like watching them. I thought that they would try harder given that they are still about a month old. Somehow Mumei and Kronii have a low number of streams similar to early Gura but they don't have nearly the charisma or talent to make up for it.

>> No.10084591

>Kiara has so many dead subs its not even funny

Orange birb is rather a unique case.
She keeps spitting retarded/aggro bantz-shit that can really turn new fans off (needling Ame about Automata on the anniversary "3D" collab that Ame worked her ass off to make possible; backhanding Pegor on the HoloEN server tour signoff; etc., etc...

It's not enough for people to actually unsub, but more than enough to push her wayyy down the preference totem pole when her genmates are also streaming. A lot of critics point to her retarded voice, but it's her 'tude that's really unpleasant from time to time.

>> No.10084676

I dunno man a lot of people want to fuck FGO girls and those are all like gods and superheroes

>> No.10084960

it was a mistake to wait neary a year to debut HoloCouncil

>> No.10085007

Early Gura was trash, this is your brain on Myth

>> No.10085851

>help the gods keep up with modern trends
sounds kinda like Miko's original lore

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