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did one of you guys ask her...
actually nah she's here

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Airi managed to do a kino TTS stream

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Hina made an A TITS stream a couple days ago and it was fun.
No voice is not a good excuse.

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[Wemi News]

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What am I?

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suprise wemi

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She was playing around with putting piercing on her model so tattoos and piercing were just the topic being talked about

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Pippa, you don't get to shit talk who spends money doing what.

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cute wemi gorilla


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It actually says gender fluid on her profile

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No, she has a point.

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ok bootlicker

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Nah she’s right about this one. Kinda refreshing after her recent bad takes. Fuck the government

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>cant be bothered to do TTS
shes so fucking lazy its unreal, no other corpo would tolerate this shit

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emo Saya my beloved.

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Where is my Panko bread? Fresh please.

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saya's the type of girl I would have groomed in high school....

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Shit bait.

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Pippa is wrong.
Gamer Supps Is cringe so them getting fucked up is funny

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How have (you) spent three days seething about Pippa femanon?

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Baker doko?

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So she’s actually a he?

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>”I don’t like these guy so I’ll gladly get fucked up the ass as long as they do”
god you guys are such massive faggots

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>nooooo don't make fun of my heccing wholesome presidenterino!

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Eepy Wemi is too cute.

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It does say that but I'm 99% sure it's just cosplayer brainrot from cosplaying male chars. There's an old pic on the media tab that looks unmistakably female to me.

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>>77908662 (me)
>these guys
Fixed. Modified the sentence, and forgot to add the S to that

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Finally, the last thread...

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I don't like or support the government.
Doesn't mean I can't be happy when someone who deserves it gets fucked over by them at the same time.

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Either way, it's the bad kind of mentally ill

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I can fix her

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Noooo the corporation can't sell me my heck based canncer powder

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>”I don’t support the government except when they fuck someone over I don’t like and set the precedent they can do it to others”
Actually fucking sing into the barrel of a shotgun with your finger on the trigger. Not even joking.

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It rings hollow coming from her since she’s a hicklib

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Don’t care if some math illiterate retard is the one to say 2 plus 2 equals 4. Doesn’t make him less right.

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??? Just don't buy it

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>asking for common sense from retards

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