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It wouldn't be for inclining. She just wants to be in a group and stop being an indie.

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It could be miss communication, or it could be that she wouldn't announce or confirm something like that to anyone on discord and denied it.

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Someone bake a new thread, this shit is more interesting than waiting for kurosanji's q4 report

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This gets more and more interesting...

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Maybe it's all a lie and sayu is actually joining phase connect. Hihihi

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>endear yourself to the /pol/ Connect fanbase
all you have to do to do that is make incoherent rants about jews, blacks, gays, or "VShitshow"

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You can use mine.

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>ye olde switcheroo

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>the company put it up themselves

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sayufags coping be like

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How exactly does one endear themselves to the pissconnect fanbase? Lie and pretend their vtubers are bigger than they actually are?

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KEK why would management out themselves as being /here/ this hard?

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Save it just in case they try to wipe more

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>yet another thing sayu touches turns to shit
I am sure sakana is giddy at the idea. shiina airi lia and hime are in his dm's right now begging him saying "you know what we need to put phase over the top? sayu!"

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buy an ad

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/here/ isn't just /here/
/vt/ is the least sekrit club of any board
there were probably annoying SEAmonkeys running around Twitter and Discord

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I hate that channel like you wouldn't believe.

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Sayufags, stop sabotaging your new company

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So... are we ready for Sayu Menhera Arc: Electric Boogaloo

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okay but how san Sayu leverage this into being the victim and blame NIJISANJI?

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Maybe she tried to warn us 3 days ago?

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It's copyright dodging 101. Also curious, none of them are on the actual page of the corpo, what is this.

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Old news already BAKA.

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Definitely get info from this drama thread that mainly discussed only those 2 companies lmaooooo

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But it also means that their contracts amount to jack shit outside of China as well. If anything, these girls are gonna lose a bit of money in a scam but still walk away with their IPs.

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I hate both you and sky, please murder each other in ritual combat.
>Verification not required.

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Is this 34d chess or someone in the management pushed a button a month too early???

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it wasn't formally announced yet so that makes sense,though thats the only thing that makes sense

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I don't even know who you are.

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>someone in the management pushed a button a month too early
100% this

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>be Rita
>literal orphan who doesn't have a bad bone in her body
>be the most wholesome dramafree vtuber ever
>be associated with Sayu for 5 minutes

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I'm fairly certain it's an existing talent or internal staff at NOA who's leaking this. As for why they're doing this, I don't know, but if they're trying to get more eyes on their existing talent, that plan may have just backfired by jeopardizing this alleged new project

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Phasefags belike this 1 hour ago, and now they are coping super hard

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They're just like Nijisanji holy fuck.

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that's a sayufan tho.
most phase connect fans have no idea who sayu is.

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Let's see if Sayu can tank this corpo too.

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To be fair, China is a perfect example of what happens when you apply American conservatism, but have nothing to stop it from fully asserting itself, to a country.

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No it's what happens when country goes from medieval underwear factory for rest of the world to second economy on the planet in less than 30y.

You have people who were born in mud huts to parents with 40y average lifespan now living in modern cities with smartphones and electric cars. Norms and mindsets are slow to change.

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>already caught lying and Sayu hasn't even debuted with them yet

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It's still the American conservative midset of fucking over everyone else to get ahead and celebrating criminality.

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No it's communist mindset. I grew up in Eastern Europe communism fucks your country and you need at least two generations to get over it after it's gone.