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Kill yourself you fucking retarded pebble, it was literally Minecraft and HoloJP that did

She can't even commit to streaming regularly. She couldn't even fucking VC yesterday.

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you must be an idiot, or ennacuck, if you find the vocabulary that schizo is using any elaborated

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We're in for a long one with him, I've seen him spam for over 24h when he gets real worked up.

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>it was literally Minecraft and HoloJP that did
It was Gura, newfag

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Personally I don't fucking trust cover one bit, Kobo itself who cares but all those mid-level retard managers that has to justify their salary or try to raise in the hierarchy can get some strange ideas and has shown in the past that they are fucking clueless when their job go above holding a switch in the purse or fetch conbini food.

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Suischizo is based and redpilled though

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JPcucks need to be reminded time after time. They are so fucking slow in the head.

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I'm telling you, Gura will correct that autist.

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I'm not talking in third person, the other poster isn't me, I just agree with them

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who would even trust cover after they keep forcing their homos slop?

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>Mori hates minecraft
>Gura hates minecraft

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Fuck off. We hate JP here. Get skullfucked in the head.

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Kobo being the sole "rep" of Holo streaming in a Chinese version of Twitch.tv. It's a double-edged sword, however, when done right, this can be a free-money glitch for her.

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Nigga nowhere did I say suischizo's vocabulary is like that. I'm saying ennaschizo is even dumber than that.

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That says May 2024 you stupid vapid cunt.

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>posts his shitpost here
>crossposts same shitpost from another thread
Mentally ill JPcuck

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Stop spoonfeding newfags anon

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>EN vs JP

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>You realize all her oldest and most dedicated fans are Chinese right?
You realize that we can check who got her oldest badge and the currency they SC with, right?
yeah, more like lmao. She played one hour of that shit game in the past 4 years

Retarded schizo

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Did you also name the other voices in your head too

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The problem with Kiara is that she treated you like her world and then she finds a new target and forgets about you. When you don’t open up that much and realize nothing special is there then yeah someone like Ame just won’t believe her anymore

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The only way to salvage the thread at this point is for Fauna to start a Destiny 2 stream

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Is anyone in Regloss besides Kanade worth watching?
She is probably now my 7th favourite Holo singer behind Suisei, AZKi, IRyS, Towa, Kanata and Risu

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Stop coping

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I feel like people really understate what a no-show Ame has been since forever

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Kobo might become the biggest vtuber this year, finally dethroning JP.

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ennacuck runs bots, suischizo is two persons either that hassir or whatever from central asia or that treier poorfag gook, none of them is any more intelligent than the others

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Any predictions on when China shitposting becomes boring and everybody goes back to the usual fare?

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>writing an essay about schizopost

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Not really, Ririka is OK I guess

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Of all the schizos roaming the thread today you are the worse one Mr D2 Shiller

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Are you really sperging out over a member leak shitpost? That's the same dude who goes nuts over the Enoshima trips and the monkeys.

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You can lead a girl to a collab, but you can't make her stream. They're down to fuck around in a videogame together but Ame didn't lure Gura back, I don't think Gura is gonna lead Ame back. She's gotta do it herself, and...well.

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>an essay
That wasn't even enough to count as a paragraph...

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Oddly specific.

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Did we talk about this yet?

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I can't help myself I'm back on my addiction cycle with that game its a compulsion

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Too much Windah's cum would make her reach that state after all.

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>she couldn’t even VC yesterday
She done that multiple times before tho. Like more than a handlefull of times at this point

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Typical Kiara. Unintentionally sending hate to other members because of spouting too much

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But I thought Suischizo was only one person? Make up your mind.

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maybe when they have any of their own fuel but basically, all other corpos are pretty much dead so schizos will amplify anything they can.

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We like Kanade as she lets IRyS suck on Cunny
>rating any of these higher than Gura, Rissa, Moona, or Mumei
This has to be an Enna cuck.
Mumei and Nerissa think IRyS, Suisei and Towa are better than them. You don't even watch streams

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In exactly 9 hours and 30 minutes.

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Nah that leak isn't a shitpost, global is discussing it too which is where you should always check first when it comes to Kiara "leaks"

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Fuck off. That is all you should answer to that shit you mongoloid.

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