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Alonso returns to F1 and the VT Fernando disappear

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I spent too long putting this together

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gay (complimentary)

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Cute gay

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gay (up to interpretation)

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The last time someone tried to get a separate thread going without the +
Fernando fell silent that day but we keep his memory alive.

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gay (derogatory)

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gay (in the mid 90's way)

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gay (cute)

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Everyone is holding out hope for the +. A thread without it would be grim.

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gay desu senpai

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make a thread now or wait until page 11?

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bake with Vei

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I still don't get why the new threads gets shredded and not the old ones

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That would be the smart way to do it lol. If someone was hanging around and deleting new threads made before this one died just delete the old thread so there's only one.

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parasocial retard kys and sell your corpse to be used as a pinata for kids birthdays

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Goodsmile has a Niji deal. It's not hard.

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>That would be the smart
we don't do that here

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would it tho

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I thought they broke it

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i'm so lucky lucky~

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Yeah, it's a lot better to delete the new one so multiple people panic-bake and we end up with more threads anyway :D

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Are we past the nuking hours?

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That's the big question. We're only 3 threads from the end though so might as well wait them out

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Because their motivation for doing so is a sandy vagina, rather than anything constructive.

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No, he's hating earlier (later?) than before.

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Yes. All of VShojo has potential but a lot of them are just unreliable. The hope is that something will change with a new member. It doesn't but at least there's hope.

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haha got away with it just now so I think we're safe

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we killed him while on the split, sorry it had to be done

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Got away with what I don't see any new threads

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I just want to know why.

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NL fell off

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it seems like it, catching up on the past couple threads while I was asleep and holy shit this place has been dog water the past couple days.

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My di- Oh wait.

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They are so fucking /in/


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She’s full Latina. Possibly Spaniard

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We're allowed to discuss boyfriends in this general. He is Geega's boyfriend.

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She's a white girl.

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Fuck it people were saying /haha/ was also being targeted and I just checked and they have 2 threads up while being directly under us in the catalog so I'm going for it. new thread

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Unless the account changed ownership before she joined VShojo, which is possible, I'm not too sure about that one.

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I always thought she was just latina by blood but raised by a white family

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Yes. Adopted at an incredibly young age.