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smol kitty gone.. i WILL concernfag over a car in the other half of the world

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no wonder he likes to age regress... shota model when

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golf with friends!

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Their problems are money related reasons, NijiEN's problem is everything else.

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Oh wife's part of that golf collab on Saturday

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Wife, Petra, Alban, Uki, Aia, Vivi, Kunai

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petra, alban, uki, aia, vivi, kunai and fuuchan for golf this sunday for now

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Oh was it Sunday?

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Here is your petra, schizo can stop doomposting now

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We joke about it but would he get one

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thought some of the autists would join for the golf collab orz

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>no Elira
>no Rosemi-sama
Shit collab

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Schedules don't matter that much. We need to hear from the mouths of the girls themselves.

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Has Elira ever shit on anyone for being retarded before?

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Yeah the lineup is kinda meh

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Im going to sleep but enjoy your noodles cutiepie chuu

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>multiple indications Petra is returning this week
Of course the first to abandon EN for JP would be the first to bend the knee again. She was never trustworthy as a conscientious objector.

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yeah sunday 10pm EST so i can watch it!
if i'm being realistic, probably not, i think he'd rather get something he could invent more lore for
that's just who's signed up so far so the lineup is still subject to change

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Holy shit Ike has a schedule! Looks good, I can finally watch a Nier gameplay stream.

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> Trying to find a new bait material already

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the kitty went into the mines..

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Wife composing a cute raid message for Doppio!

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fuuchan getting excited just for a raid message to doppio

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Elira is a corpo defender? Of course

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>4 am CET
Yeah, he prefers the other way around.

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>I can finally watch a Nier gameplay stream.
Ike should do a full week of Nier

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Doppio, please finish the story first. Are you going straight to the online part already?

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Rosemi and Elira will come back for Valentine's, right...?

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bye bye fuuchan!

gm quilldren

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Considerin the good stuff she got like that mito collab, I would unironically do the same in her position

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Not on twitter, but in one of her more recent FFXIV collabs, Kyo and Millie were discussing something and things were getting just a little bit too serious and she went "if you guys don't stop I'm seriously going to leave the collab" a couple times. She seems the type to have no patience for that type of shit.

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>corporation treats me well personally
>treats everyone else like shit
>that's good enough for me!

lmao wow

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pio not being on the screen makes me imagine kuma is speaking

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Who's playing this when it drops?

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I doubt elira cares to defend the niji brand that much, but she would care for her friends and work colleagues being slandered online

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Baa bye wife see you not tomorrow :(

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You're welcome to attend my Auntie's Single Awareness Day stream if they don't.

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little scraggly guy is eating!

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How many months will it take for Ike to do the Nier playthrough? 6? 12? More?

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This but unironically

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nobody asked but the one kusoge guild is still full of active members

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>everyone in the company gets treated well
>but not me so it must be shit!!
lmao wow

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I would love that. I've never played or watched a Nier stream before.