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>> No.26705339

Kaela's laugh: https://files.catbox.moe/9garsp.webm

>> No.26705340

Good night, deadbeat

>> No.26705346

I'd rather nobody shit on anybody, but if you're gonna dish it out then you should expect it in return. This goes for both deadbeats and teamates

>> No.26705349

wromg LEMAO

>> No.26705360

my first board was /a/ a decade ago and i still cant

>> No.26705365

Goodnight Peaky Blindbeat

>> No.26705366

This but with Kiara.

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>> No.26705371

you guys will blame everything on us anyway. its your fault for creating us

>> No.26705374

Grown women know that men desire little girls. She's just pandering.

>> No.26705381

>he would reply to his own post 30 times calling himself based

>> No.26705383

holy shit...

>> No.26705386

Better than I expected

>> No.26705389

"Based", I fucking hate this bitch too. She was too fucking sweet today, fuck her.

>> No.26705390


>> No.26705392

im watching more of that vod and Fauna thought it was funny to distract Mumei, with the word vehicular manslaughter. A word that recalls that fateful day.

>> No.26705395

She unironically uploaded more content on her roommate youtube channel recently than she streamed as Sana, not considering management decided streams like the english lesson with roboco miko and mori

>> No.26705398

wtf isreal

>> No.26705411

Cover's audition requirements still say to this day that you're allowed to treat it as a part time job and stream 3 hours a week, the people seething about this care far more than they do

>> No.26705413


>> No.26705422

>expected mikoboat
>get mikoboat
It's the little things in life that keep me happy

>> No.26705441


>> No.26705444

this >>26705395

>> No.26705476

>still not at 1M
what went wrong?

>> No.26705494

Weird instrumentals and robotic voice.

>> No.26705495

Shitposters going for low-hanging fruit is a tale as old as mio

>> No.26705509

shion's channel is a debuff

>> No.26705519

Maybe your oshi shouldn't have given more attention to haters than her fans, or drink on the job.

>> No.26705525

Shions channel

>> No.26705527


>> No.26705532

they altered Gura's voice too much

>> No.26705538

>your oshi
>favorite forced meme on /vt/

>> No.26705545

too cute

>> No.26705547

>management decided streams
Opinion discarded

>> No.26705548

it's bad

>> No.26705563

just your usual eurohours for the past year what are you on about

>> No.26705579

Old kimchi and potato chips.

>> No.26705584


>> No.26705589

shion isnt that good of a singer contrary to popular belief

>> No.26705592

Nisemonogatari is old now so this is only appreciated by ojisans

>> No.26705593

Japanese and their fixations on making everything sound the same

>> No.26705610

...they left?

>> No.26705627

I MISS _________

>> No.26705630

Oh hey. Mori will be excited to see Gura unlike that bitch Kiara

>> No.26705631

I had another "meet girl in random event, they turn out to be one of holoEN" dream.
This time it was Ina, we had sex and she showed me the HoloEN discord. I woke up in the middle of the post-coital cuddling. I want to die.
Thank you for reading my blog.

>> No.26705639

is it really agaisnt your volition if you asked

>> No.26705648


>> No.26705650

And a very thick smell of my cum

>> No.26705656

It sounds kinda soulless desu

>> No.26705660

Polka did it!

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