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>> No.26705492

The flips are finally joining

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If you’re not watching rosemi yet, do it now

>> No.26705502

this song is great, you have no taste

>> No.26705508

this is 100% true lmao

>> No.26705511

>Rosemama will never give Rosemi a new outfit
>We'll never see her cute uncut dick bulging beneath a swimsuit

>> No.26705513

Wow, sicko mode fucking SUCKS. i'm gonna go back to listening to iron maiden

>> No.26705514

>but he's as shitty of a streamer as Yugo is. He doesn't get much SCs either.
Okay you are definitely not a niji watcher, I was dumb for responding to you.

>> No.26705515

I'll spoonfeed you just this once their roommates are proven to be dating, its some enemies to lover story, do your reps

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Keep coping familienigger

>> No.26705520

Watch Rosemi's sovlfvl karaoke anon. That should calm you down

>> No.26705523

What the fuck is this shit, numble rap?

>> No.26705524

Not a Rosebud but I'd let selen fuck me in the ass

>> No.26705528

it's unique and has Drake on it

>> No.26705530

Rosemi popping xans!

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God I fucking love Rosemi.

>> No.26705540

Don't spoonfeed newfags, especially not shit like that.

>> No.26705541

i've never played the game before but i like rhythm games and cytus is starting to bore me (after years of clearing the game)

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Rosemi's rap is kino, I want her to perform GTA 3's Game FM tracks so much.

>> No.26705550

Millie will raid Reimu

>> No.26705551

I just don't find anime/manga fun to consume anymore and got burnt out playing games so I balance it with watching Niji EN, with it being what I spend most of my time on. Naturally there's also no push factor to learn Japanese.

>> No.26705559

I hate modern rap so fucking much bros...

>> No.26705564

Rosemi's doing xans...

>> No.26705567

Holy spoonfeeding

>> No.26705572

Because it fucking pops off, bro
Don't forget to take your heart meds before you crank the stereo, dad

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>> No.26705574

I want to make nigsemi into a single mother!

>> No.26705581

For someone who hates them, you seem to know a lot about their content

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>> No.26705583

same but mainstream modern rap

>> No.26705586

He might not get that much SC, but his CCV is second in Noctyx. Just like Mysta and Shu don't get as much SC compared to other Luxiem but they consistently have the highest views.

>> No.26705598

the absolute state of this thread

>> No.26705603

I was going along with the joke you dumb bitch

>> No.26705605

It's "trap"
And this anon
Is correct. It fucking sucks. All trap does. It's rap without any of the talent

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Since the start

>> No.26705611

Because I actually gave them a chance and watched them before deciding they were shit.

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WTF, why does she look better like this?

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Rosemi and Elira sing the most overtly sexual songs, right?

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good evening i hate numberfags

>> No.26705629

OK. He's good at zatsudans then.

>> No.26705636

You better quit lettin shit slip, or you'll be leaving with a fat lip.

>> No.26705637

Reminder to ignore bait, shitposting, samefags, discordfags, numberfags, tribalfags and falseflaggers

>> No.26705641

why are you shading the girls?

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>> No.26705649

I'm not the first anon. Thanks for proving my point then, you clearly don't have an argument 'cause you know Uki is shit and is basically silent for the majority of his streams (with occasional one line sassy comments). The SC part is also true and is publicly available, feel free to check it instead of throwing a fit.

>> No.26705657

the unfortunate part is the noctyxsisters are all doxxsisters so they already know the truth

>> No.26705661

Is Travis Scott that dude who killed a bunch of people by having a stampede in his concert?

>> No.26705667

Good for you. You arent their target population. Wipe your ass, move on

>> No.26705671

Best bait itt

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