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Glasses are the best

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Racism against the Anglo is okay if you live in a country the Anglo ever invaded

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New outfit any day now....

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she is very sweet and cute and has a wonderful voice
please cherish her as much as you can

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catching up on some games with friends now, they got jealous because i spent too much time watching vtubers, irys at most. i hope you get to do something to keep you occupied as well, anon.

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i love this blind dork

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Her model is fine

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IRyS mogs them all.

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I could have sworn there was a picture of IRyS dressed like a teacher but maybe I'm thinking of an Ollie picture

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>watching IRyS have absolutely no game sense makes me frustrated.
I love it, it reminds me that she's the perfect housewife, literally born to bear my children and raise them because she's too dumb for anything else

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Okay, I'm looking at what I can for stuff like that, and at least from the stuff I can find on things like your situation, there are a few bits of note. Again, don't take anything I say as law and do not make any decisions based solely on my input, it is imperative that you consult with professionals who have a legal interest to be well informed, up to date and working in your interest, just, I can give a perspective look at least.
It's worth noting that in a lot of cases, sales on eBay won't count as income that should be reportable to the IRS. Specifically, anything that you bought for your own use, then sold at a lower price than what you initially bought it for, doesn't/shouldn't count as income. You can't claim a loss on it or anything, but you shouldn't need to report it as income. If you were reselling, that's probably absolutely income, but selling used goods may not be classified as such; check with a tax consultant on that.
For the paypal stuff, you should also check and see if you can't just roll it under "income taxes" in general. A lot of the time, you can classify it all as income and have it bundled into the same tax rate and tax bracket, so it wouldn't have too much of an outsized impact on your finances. Jumping that much higher seems surprising to me, but if it's being classified under a different status that could explain it somewhat.
Again, I must stress, look for a tax consultant who can look over your records intimately and personally, that will be of far more value than some jackass you talked with on the anime girl streamer board. But there should be some useful stuff you can do.

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>one small idea
Hire me and make my job permissions retainer so that I can go, in person, across the globe to every significant video game publisher and secure contracts from each of them that allow talents to play their catalog of titles in perpetuity for a small concession (be it a slight percentage of ad revenue from said streams or something else negligible), which would hopefully eliminate the need for "temporary permission checks."
I can probably get everyone except Sony and The Pokemon Company on board for next to no negotiations.

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Think about the amount of effort it takes to organize an off-collab when it involves plane trips, multi-night stays at places away from home, and figuring out how to do it safely if they're concious of that stuff.
Now multiply that by the fact that anyone who would apply and get into Hololive is almost inherently introverted to a large extent and prefer staying in a comfortable range of existence.
I don't think many of these girls are natural-born explorers. And going
>oh, they're rich, they can just buy their way to convenience
isn't enough for them to overcome the inherent lack of ability to plan for that stuff. I think the only ones that have a shot at that, outside of Japan/Australia-based girls, are Mori (who tried and wasn't able to pin it down in the end) or Mumei(who seems like the type who genuinely could not give less of a shit about inconveniences and/or her own safety, but is handicapped heavily by needing to find someone to take care of her pet).

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>IRyS starts calling people her homies from now on

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If you want to build up an audience in Europe, here's the key thing that you have to do:
Appeal to EUROPEANS. It can't be treated as
>HoloEU, aka, HoloEN-LITE
You need chuubas for real, key markets to build a HoloEU.
You need a French chuuba, a German chuuba (technically already covered in EN so they can skip that if need be), a Norwegian chuuba, an Italian chuuba, etc, etc, etc.
Do you know how many different languages are spoken in the EU? Twenty Seven. There are three "Higher Languages" that you would absolutely need to cover, English, French and German, and for the widest audience possible you want every one of them to be at LEAST bi-lingual between English and another, assumed to be mother-tongue. Then you have to decide what specific areas you went to grab. If they were to make it, they'd have to focus on specific countries. Most likely to be focused on would be Italy, Germany, France, Norway, the rich ones, or at least the ones with economic clout.
It is so much MORE work than HoloEN or JP.

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Not with girls with horns!

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When Christianity was started, there were two shut the fuck up gnostics main groups of Christians that sprouted up from the foundational Churches and Apostles:
>Orthodox Christianity: Primarily grown from the Greek half of the Roman Empire
>Roman Catholic: Primarily grown from the Latin half of the Roman Empire
Although they originally all were under the Pope in Rome, eventually the two groups went through a schism which lead to the two branches growing into different groups. They're the two most foundational groups of Christians.
Most Christian sects you know about these days are splinter factions from Roman Catholic doctrine, after the Reformation, which mainly consist of Anglo and Kraut attempts to revise and "improve" the teachings of the Catholic Church, spinning off so hard and drifting so far from the Doctrine that you see people like Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists spawning from the Anglo bastardization of the Gospel. But that's a whole lesson for another day, point is, you've got two BIG, Foundational groups, with the Orthodox groups being mostly consolidated between country branches, and the Catholics on the other side, with a sub-sect clusterfuck of branching denominations spawned from the Reformation.

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Fun Fact:
Did you know the feeling of embarrassment and the feeling of pleasure are extremely closely linked?
Think about it; when you feel embarrassment at something secret being known to the world, at times, you may also consider how exciting it would be to bring that secret closer to your normal life. The thrill of that idea, bringing the shame or exposure closer to the light of day, is the same reason you have phenomena like public sex fetishes, or "flashers," or people who wear collars in public.
When you consider that phenomenon, and understand how it works in the real world, it should make sense that such an idea would exist in the digital world as well. People will send in public displays of things that are considered private matters, especially sad matters, in order to expose themselves to attention, pity, and even shame. Some may especially want that shame. To that kind of person, being looked at with such a combination of pity and derision would combine to give a near-orgasmic sensation.
There is no viable way to stop them. To give them pity is to invite more egregious and bold attempts for a similar "high." To give them shame results in the same thing. To punish them provokes only their arousal, and serves as a motivator to do it again, and more. Doubly so if they can cleanly separate it from their real life. You can try and ignore them, but before they go away it's likely that they will escalate in order to attempt to gain a response. It's a hellish task to truly discourage them, and the answer will be different for every person when it comes to dealing with them. Their "weak points" are unique.

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