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I can't believe she doesn't stink.
I'm trying really hard to not think about it but it's actually fucking me up...

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The calander is funny af but I feel a little teeny tiny bit bad.
I've always heard stories of how schizo 5ch but /ggg/ somehow manages to keep up with them.
I can't help but keep thinking how kino/personal her streams could've been if it was just a couple thousand of us watching instead.

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>Gura is now old enough to get her period

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does ame not know how to sing these songs or something

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I'm american but I'm not allowed to vote anymore.

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I wish they'd stop making Gura buses and work on fixing that microchip shortage.

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Homo collab is the only thing that will make me bail desu

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>It's Gooba...
I'm going to hate Kronii forever.

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I wish Fedexnigger would hurry up so I could go out and buy snacks for the stream.

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My wife is a zoomer...

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I masturbated to this sound post and the other one a few times. Am I fucked in the head?

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My girlfriend keeps texting me and I keep thinking it's Gura posting something. NGMI for much longer...

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Holy fuck I'm ashamed of this extraordinarily cringe subsect of chumbuds.
I think I'll stick to sending Gura a letter/drawing this year unless something pops up that needs monetary assistance.

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I just wanna fuck Gura...

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I wanna go back in time to where >we had threads dedicated to dissecting Mori's bathroom sounds.

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At an airport.
I was working security at the time and I found a small child that seemed to be lost but it turned out to be a petite young women. At the time I didn't know it was Gura.

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Well... at least the bait is a little different than usual.

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I have to go to work in an hour. I just wanted to hear the cunny for bit.

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I went to a strip club once. I payed for a lap dance and I came. I think the stripper knew because she just got up and left disgusted. How am I supposed to not chum when she was grinding me so hard.

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This karaoke is an emotional rollercoaster.

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I-I can't believe I was groomed...by a teamate.

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I just want her to pick a timeslot and stick with it. I don't mind staying up if I had to stay up at a consistent time.

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I'm not going to but emotion is there.

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I'm so fucking torned, part of me is laughing but the other part is seriously concerned. She's never been this off before even with the lack of sleep.

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