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I didn't get that stride tweet yesterday because of that. Bitch, what stride? To members you were saying "please don't hate meeeeeeee for not streaming regularly!"

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it's not the same
it's better

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Being entirely doxx free in this thread is not possible due to the frequency of doxxing. So I'm somewhat aware of some things, but I never actively seek it out. I do not click mysterious links or open spoilers. If things are especially bad than I set up filters or just fuck off from the thread, usually it works but these past threads were especially hell and I just wanted to throw my hat in before you schizos accuse me of being something I'm not cause you're on a witch hunt

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unmake this bro

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Shut up, Ame. Next time ask for a sex outfit.

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I had a girlfriend who used to record her softly singing and she sent them to me to use as lullabies.

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It's just not the same anymore..

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Correct, but I'm incapable of expressing things properly without relying on Ryan Gosling to convey 40% of the message.

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I choose Player 3, the rest can watch.

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I can't sit here enjoying myself knowing Ame would've liked those poptarts.

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It's a litmus test, nigger. Only the greatest holos did something or reacted to this scene once presented on stream. This was a major disappointment.

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Probably the same kind of people who vote for shit like Spiderman or Iron Man

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Why are all of you spouting such disgusting fantasies of my wife? Don't any of you have any shame when her husband is present among you?

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It's not the same...

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hell yeah, I guess

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