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I want to cuff Pandoras legs to her arms and gag her mouth. I want her blind folded and I want to tease her beasts til she cries out in desperation for just a hint of release. I'll work my way down caressing and kissing her down til we get to her most vulnerable place. I'd continue caressing and licking her thigh and edging closer and closer to the prize but never quiet getting to it. I want to hear her desperation, I want her to get upset, I want her to demand the real pleasure she's being denied.

I'll then turn on the vibrator next to her ear and turn it back off. Then I'll give her the quickest of licks letting her finally have what she has been denied. I'll continue to lick her and get her thoroughly wet before turning on the vibrator and pressing it against her quiver lower set of lips. I'll keep playing with her and bringing her closer and closer to her climax. I'll pull the vibrator away then slap my cock against her so that she knows what's coming. Her breath will be rapid and harsh, her excitement getting the better of her. I'll then spread her lips and slowly enter her. I want it to be blissfully excruciating for her and me both. I want us to savor the moment until it's made it all the way in. Ill keep that vibrator pressed against her clit as I start pounding away at her. Like a wild and desperate beast I'll keep pounding away until I spill all of my seed deep into her womb. I'll then remove the gag and have her suck off the juices left on my cock. I'll put the gag back on her and continue to tease her because this is only the beginning for her

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Alright Pandora I get it. You want me to yank one out to you. Fine. You've got your wish

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