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Acts I and II combined
28 Chapters total
Pages 48
Words 24845
Characters 139549
Characters excluding spaces 115165

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I swear anime boys make the best girls

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>tfw we'll never get a Bayonet Charge duet

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This pomudachi is me

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Pomu said we're going to be with her forever...

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That's how I feel too bud..

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mayuyu... this is kinda disturbing

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>They're streaming /LITERALLY/ FOR US
You can't convince me otherwise. This entire stream was orchestrated for us.

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Yaminions I...

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>my life is empty and I must get my entertainment from the madness of people I don't personally know

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>Buy a single pin
>Pay $40 for shipping
>Buy the entire store
>Shipping still $40
I wonder how things work in Japan to make stuff work like this...

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Pomu said people who put money in their bra are disgusting. I bet femanons do this.

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Why Wose is putting her sentry on the point

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This bud is becoming a pomudachi. Someone femanon needs to purify his soul before it's too late.

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Not even /vt/ would stoop so low as to watch a confirmed whore, right? You guys have SOME standards... right?

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>dead hours
>SEA hours
>looping hours
>samefagging hours
>falseflagging hours
>tourist hours
babysitting is thread is painful sometimes... i wish there we're at least streams to talk about

anyways, seems like
are the coaches for this year's koshien >>27388344

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>If none of your friends are girls that's a red flag
>I have no friends

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>dead hours

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I'm gone for a couple of months and it turns out the cute otaku hag wasn't a hag at all?!?!
Lord have mercy

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>40 mins
>thread hitting 300 replies
i hate it /here/ ...

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I still love anime but I feel like I ran out of stuff to watch. I have 1000+ watched series at this point and feels like there's not much to do besides waiting for new seasons.

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>you're annoying or schizo or /pol/tard
Nta, but I'm not annoying, schizo or /pol/tard, just socially retarded...

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