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What drive sisters to do this? I mean, I know people like the kiwifags do something similar but in their case it's people like Chris-chan or literal children grooming furries, actual cows, women on the other hand do this shit what's basically some petty squabbles they had on the internet with another literal who woman, it's even worse than /vt/

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>You're such a virgin that people prefer to believe you're making up stuff in your head than that you found a gf
He's literally me frfr

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It was some girl who had a fake Nijisani channel. Are anons stalking more than 1 underage girl?

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she ntred me with fulgur...

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It was kino before Finana and the rest joined

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millie's for me...
why did you do this to me fulgur?

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>accidentally gendered Meli in a tweet to Enna and only realized it after a while
Thank God she rarely reads replies, not that I imagine her to care, but still. I'm not a bigot I swear.

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The moment you let these types have an inch, you're theirs forever.

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Don't talk shit about them anon... I still feel bad about that drunk phantomo. Poor guy got his heart broken.

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>donating membership funds (the most stable income source for a Vtuber) to a charity
Is she actually retarded? She does know all charities are Jewish scams that pocket 90% of the cash for themselves and give fucking pocket change to the actual cause they advertise, right?

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Alcohol is a drug...

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>Marry Enna
>She shits on you to see if you really love her

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I'm sure Millie's a kind person and she used to be my oshi but after the needy streamer stream with Enna where she said quite some things i had to unmember and unsubscribe.

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I can't donate much like these crazy chinese ladies but I promisse I would save $100 every month for you. I'm tired of being abandoned because streamers always just want better numbers.

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Millie is currently violently shitting her guts out while crying on the toilet.
Her buttcheeks and toilet seat are covered in wet and sticky liquid poop from her close call getting to the toilet after ending stream.
She's gonna spend another 5-10 minutes passing a few hard pellets inbetween the liquid poops before getting in the shower and crying to herself wondering what she ate to do this to her. Possibly also questioning whether those weed brownies Enna gave her the other day were laced with something else...

Millie if you're here just know I'm going to masturbate to you tonight, thank you.

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Try 2 years

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>NijiEN has more JP speakers than HoloEN
>HoloEN gets more JP collabs

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Elira is the biggest 3rd wheel of all time right now

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>Pomu doesn't want to live with lazy neets

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>three flips currently in NijiEN
>they're all retarded

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Pomu has back problems and bonei issues. These girls are all fucked for some reason.

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