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Terrorists, your game is through,
'cause now you have to answer to

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We love homo collabs, niji collabs and pro player collabs here.
If you don't enjoy this you're not a real holo fan. Hololive will prosper without you narrow minded fools.

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With small tweaks, you could turn this into a song about Nijisanji fans

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Based. These bros have earned their honorary holo status. Welcome to the fold.

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I'm here to remind you that Pekora finished Sekiro
If you dropped Sekiro because it was too hard, you're worse than Peko-chan

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Attacking Nipplesanji makes him holo-adjacent, therefore based. Holochads have his back.

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Imagine if all hololive jp got consolidated to one channel where every streamer would get one/half hour stream slot. It's on 24/7 filled with variety segments, interviews, singing and pranks. Streams could have re-runs to fill slots with staff translating them.

Would it better for the talents or not?

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If viewers aren't a measure of talent, then why does everybody use 2view as an insult?
There's a recognition that talent is directly connected to the amount of viewers you get.
Everyone on this board will understand if I shit on a 2view based on their viewcount, and call them trash.
But people will get angry if I raise up Pekora because of her viewcount, and call her the best VTuber.
Why is that?
Why can people accept that a lack of views is equivalent to a lack of talent, but can't accept that the most views is equivalent to the most talent?

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Why don't you all just quit the petty internal fanbase wars and focus on the real enemy: Nijiniggers?

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Numbers = quality.
Prove me wrong.

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I cope by not having an oshi. I still don't know if that's good or bad by now, being a year into this kind of thing

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Bow to your nousagi overlords

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They fell for the bait.

She gotta a bf

Have a good stream all! Don't forget to do your reps!

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