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Aww come on, Finana may be retarded but at least she isn't heralded as the bringer of the end times on to chuubas. Her situation is more sad than anything.

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God damn...

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I thought Finana was the dedicated Genshill here...

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>tfw you will never bake Finana a chocolate cake "for her" and immediately eat it all afterwards while she cries about it in the other room

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>tfw when you will never get to yeet Finana across the universe

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The threads bullying Finana right now say otherwise. And she didn't even say anything wrong, unlike the Covid guy.

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>tfw we never got to see them collab
Dammit, why does Shiki get all the NijiEN collabs? She should pull in the smaller girls like Sara or Yura if they really wanna see growth.

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>Holomyth gets two new outfits in the span of a month
>Lazulight still has no signs of a new outfit after more than half a year of streaming
Nijisisters, were we the throwaway branch all along?

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Oh man, can't wait for Finana to join. She'd have so much fun with everyone here, hahaha...

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I can no longer be ryuguard, because Finana thinks people who like to be stepped on by cute girls are weird.

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She called him finana.

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I want to masturbate together with Finana.

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How often do you think they have to remind themselves
>"Oh yeah, I'm in NijiEN, not HoloEN. Focus, focus!"
They act so similar to the HoloEN girls that there's no way they don't get themselves confused sometimes. It'd be pretty embarrassing if Finana had a Freudian slip one day and revealed her true loyalties.

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hey finana i'm begging you i'm on my knees here pleading please sell your fart pack tonight i am seriously begging here I am going to pass away please help your fart pack is the only cure please finana

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But we are seiso!

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This was not the run.

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