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no rrats, no numbers, only vtuber content of any kind, final destination

Unless you open 10+ generals or trained yourself to avoid all the shitposts and keep up with the speed of /#/ - Numbers, it's complicated to keep up with the vtuber news and having meaningful discussions or questions about vtubers in a new thread often gets archived in 20 minutes due to the speed of the catalog so let's have a general to take it slow

>Rules (to not replace discussion in the other generals and avoid most of the shitposting)
- Anything that concern vtubers of any language or affiliation is allowed here UNLESS it's about their numbers (subs, donations, etc.)
- Numbers discussions are ONLY allowed if the vtuber, its agency or official news report on it (celebrations streams or tweets, official reports, etc. allowed as long as your post provide a link about it)
- No discussion of ONGOING livestream allowed, go to the vtuber/group general to do so
- NO NARRATIVES or anything that would imply a vtuber didn't say or do, always provide a direct source, quote or clip to discuss controversies
- Comparing vtubers must ALWAYS be about their CONTENT (my oshi is better at APEX than yours, here's why ; best cover of KING is actually this one, debate me ; etc.)
- Write thoughtful descriptions of the content of the vtuber you want to recommend (shill) to avoid links dumping posts or "not interested" replies
- Help and shilling about yourself if you're the vtuber goes to /asp/
- Ignore anything that would transgress these rules

>Goals of this general
- Having a place to catch up to news quickly and easily
- Discovering vtubers that would fit your preferences
- Will surely be slow but would aim to be informative, quality over quantity tm.

>OP, this is the shittiest attempt at a general yet, get fucked
I've tried.

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I like vtubers

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So, in summary:

On Oricon's integrated albums Still Still Stellar is 6th with 20,793 points of sales.
On weekly physical albums Still Still Stellar is also 6th with 16,117 copies sold. Biography is 47th with 1,553 units sold.
On weekly digital albums Still Still Stellar is 1st with 4,348 downloads. On daily list Still Still Stellar fell off, I guess it is finally sold out for good.
On integrated singles list Contrails doesn't appear for some reason, maybe it lost hard on streaming platforms? On the weekly digital singles Contrails is 4th with 10,420 downloads.
On weekly anime albums(!), Biography is 1st.

On Billboard's Hot Albums chart Still Still Stellar is 4th, first week on the list obviously. Biography is on it's second week, now 34th after falling from previous week's 4th.
On Download Songs Contrails is 1st, and Stellar Stellar is 87th, first week for both obviously.
On Download Albums, Still Still Stellar is 1st, Rain Drops 38th after falling off from previous week's 4th.
Nobody made it on Top Single Sales, so whatever's going on with Contrails affects it on both sites.
On Top Album Sales Still Still Stellar is 5th, Rain Drops 40th after falling off from 4th.
On Top 100 Artists Suisei is 22nd (fifth week on the list) and Kuzuha 48th (first week). Rain Drops was 32nd last week (second week on the list).
On Top 100 Lyricists Mizuguchi Takaki & Kuzuha are 38th (first week). I couldn't be arsed to copypaste all the kanji on Ctrl+F for those composers and lyricists on the albums since they don't seem to be there based on a brief skim. I feel like these two lists are more worth for the meme value than anything else, they seem too automated to actually mean anything and the parametres seem to be off generally speaking.

In conclusion: Excellent week for chuuba music. For first week sales, Contrails looks to be the best-selling chuuba single to date as I think Suisei and Mito were the previous contenders with 6k sales (but maybe HimeHina or some VSinger sold better?), and Still Still Stellar is the 3rd best-selling album, Biography having been the previous bronze medalist last week. In fact, based on just the first week's physical sales, it seems like after the first week Still Still Stellar is already the best-selling chuuba album by a solo artist, although HimeHina's Aoi no Hana has had a year and a half to gather downloads for which I don't have concrete numbers, so maybe not (yet). At any rate, there's more than enough reason for celebrations at least for the big two.

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Better find a new hobby soon tribal.

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No more hate, no more negativity, only love.
Tell us about your oshi. Tell us about your absolute favorite vtubers. Tell us what makes you love them so much.
Share your gratitude so we can all appreciate them more together. Maybe even ask anons about a vtuber you haven't watched but are curious about so you can learn more about them, maybe you'll find out you'll like them more than you thought. Just be happy for a moment, together.

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I want an Oyabun and Same-chan to collab together, so that this artificial rivalry can finally end once and for all.

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NijiHolo love. /vyt/ schizo a seething faggot.

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