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I'm too sleep deprived and thought you were calling me a newfag for a second

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Oh shit wait, is this that one Finana ripoff from a month ago that dropped her model due to NFTs or something?

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unironically you convinced me

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uoohhh pentomo I want to rape your cheeky ass so bad uohhh

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>Everytime I get banned I keep a journal about why I got banned

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I was just going to sleep only to stumble upon finana latenight TONIGHT IS SO BLESSED

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New meat...
Didn't know Amiya actually has a cult. Is she actually /meat/-related or just fellow cult leaders?

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>decently passable female voice
>kawaii anime girl model perfectly hides your mannish visage
>could easily come across as a biological woman with a speech impediment

>still out yourself as a tranny

W H Y ! ? ! ?

Do these faggots wanna be real women or not? As a Vtuber, as long as you have a good voice, you'd be able to fool everyone into thinking you were the "woman" that you always wanted to be, so why would you just admit that you're a fake out of nowhere when no one was suspicious of you? Say what you want about Zentreya, but at least he keeps up the kayfabe and has never publicly admitted to being a dude.

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At some point, we're gonna reach 1500 ritualposts, and every new thread will just be the same posts in varying orders, none of the discussing the actual streams

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>says flat is justice
>gets a new outfit emphasizing her small boobs
>selen makes fun of her tiny chest
>malds and compares herself with selen and says selen is also flat(?)

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>the pain in her voice when finana says she wants to live alone so she can be more unhinged and own a cat

finana... just fucking spend less on gacha and save the money so you can live alone

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At first, I thought it was petty of Cover to block off Holo/Niji EN collabs, but in retrospect, it was probably for the better. I love how drama-free this branch is, and having ties to girls like Mori or Ollie would just needlessly drag them and their fans through that crap.

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>Cookie Run: Kingdom (Verified) is backseating finana

how desperate is this company

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>Twitter starts showing me ****live shit despite the fact im not following a single *olo because with the excuse of "based on your retweets and likes* which are mostly just nijisanji stuff
>"not interested in this tweet"
>algorythm goes insane and recommends ****live shit under topics like gardening, xQc (some streamers I have NEVER HEARD OF IN MY LIFE) or cooking
>not interested in this topic
>algorythm goes insane AGAIN and twitter starts to NOT SHOW ME TWEETS AT ALL, so now I have to manually check my niji lists if I want to actually see nijisanji tweets.

stupid retarded site.

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Someone post that tweet. You know the one.

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What is she doing?

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>vox cucking reimu's chat in front of her

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anyone want some filet o fish?

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Poor girl is probably just lonely and wants a friend All of Lazulight seems like they're clingy in their own different ways.

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Dang this game is cute.

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I'm still hoping that this is just down to seasonal/winter depression. Certain people seem to handle it better than others.
Reimu and Nina seem to handle it fine though, but that might be that one is in a hotter environment and the other is used to the Russian or Canadian cold.

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