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Doktor is gonna release her autism inhibitors.

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Elira is GAMING

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It was the best part of these debuts

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Canadian bros please vote Trudeau because I am coming home!

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I wonder if we'll get a late night gruella streamer in wave 4, been missing the time when Elira seemed to spontaneously do karaoke or a game at 3 AM

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unstoppable cute sweaty gamer dragon

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Elira is being so fucking cute in this stream

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Elira is gaming too hard...

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That was a real scream.

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My dad works at Sex Inc. and I can confirm that Elira is indeed the CEO.

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So far!

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Extremely based choice, she really loves streaming so much and I feel good being able to support her

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>I must end the stream before I become a liar
Elira isn't a liar confirmed! Get assblasted, antis, she means it when she says she loves me!

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It's mainly just because the general has been so shit and it gets worse and worse every week, and it's gonna take another nosedive after wave 3 debuts, so different fanbases have been seeing if they can get split threads going. Sadly only Pomudachi and Dragoons can seem to keep 'em up, Rosebuds probably could too but they're fine with just staying in the general and spamming warped rosemi shit
On topic, though, I really love Elira!

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BASED! She's making her cute squeals already!

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Elira is still enjoying the game. I'm still enjoying the stream. Elira is cute and this is a very relaxing, laid-back stream to have in the background. :)

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numberfagging aside I wish the girls would play more fun games like Selen that they genuinely like to develop their individual brands.

I don't mind minecraft/genshin/apex but i wish the rest of their schedules had more stuff that fits the streamer better instead of just indie recs from manager-san. Omori is usually pretty boring but Elira got so emotionally invested it turned into a great stream series.
Finana's been doing pretty well at this, her streams don't get super high viewership but her fanbase are loyal and keep coming back for multi-part game streams. I'd prefer at least one or two of those kinds of games per week compared to all these kusoge Elira's been playing.

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I love Elira!!! I missed this adorable dragon!

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I did my coinbase reps! Homete homete!

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This. Stop using that piece of shit, that way they're more likely to read my messages.

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nothing schizo about you, godspeed

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She always draws me in and keeps me there. No matter what she's streaming or doing. I'm enthralled. I don't watch any other streamers when she's on. I'm down bad.

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