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>I guess our tastes are extremely compatible

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Nice wave you got there chumps

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>All 6 have been charged with the crime of being fleshtubers in a virtual world so Sonny sent the VSF to capture them
>They all, by chance, end up working together
>Travel the world trying to escape capture, end up in a secluded island in the middle of nowhere
>Meet Uki, the stargazer himself
>Uki looks at them
>Galactic powers resonate and the crew are separated and get flung throughout time
>2 end up in Fulgur's timeline, 2 in Yugo's, 2 in Alban's
>They have their own adventures but all end up dying and getting isekai'd
>New identities and powers but they can recognize each other
>Meet in the fantasy world and team up again to get revenge on Sonny
>Joined Nijisanji to get closer to their target

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ship name: anon2

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I would gladly be anyone's personal boy toy whore in nijien and in this thread

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After a whole night of fighting they end up kissing each other good night before going to bed.

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I saw the tweet, was curious about the reaction since you fujos should be happy, but got curious when I saw so much bitching. Well, whatever.

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the elira box

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I wouldn't say that.

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I personally think a maleanon would be paired best with another maleanon. It's far cuter to see two adorable boys together, shy over their newfound homosexual tendencies but desperate to receive any measure of affection from the other.

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All part of her master plan heh

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The highest ranking Holofag officers knew what they were getting into, the moment they stepped across the border of the safety of /#/Kingdom, into the dark uncharted territories leading to the /NijiEN/ den. The only remains of those who were drafted in the great Tribalism war of viewbotting were the tales told of once great warriors being mindbroken into playthings, the vicious, uncaring, diseased monsters lurking within the general being the bogeyman of the whole board, nay, the entire site.
Those dastardly creatures were known to inhabit generals that were rife with drama, cute boys, and anger, and the /#/soldiers were the perfect meal for this invasive species being a mixture of all three traits. That is why the elite task force of Anti-Niji-Stream reporters were on this mission- to neutealize this femanon threat once and for all. After months of case studies and failed trials on female vtubers, the top tribalfag researcher concluded that the best time to strike was now. During Pride Month, when the femanon is most preocupied with yaoi, strike in the darkness and remove the most homosexual member. The Holofags marched onwards, past the top 10 Mysta sussy moments clips, past the Enna period mention compilation clips, to deftly snatch the URL of Uki Violeta, to deliver it to their stream reporting Hadron collider. It was a genius plan. The Holofag grasped the pathetic URL in his hand, smirking. He was too preoccupied to notice that the underbush behind them had rustled, too swept up in his celebration that Nijisanji would finally collapse, and thus, the disgusting Nijifags would follow suit. And so, it was too late for the victorious soldiers to react before a fat, old, smelly shadow darted before their eyes and knocked them out faster than you could say "desuwa".
When the Holofag soldiers finally came to, clutching their heads, the first thing they noticed was that they were stark naked, and trapped in a pitch black, completely enclosed area. No... it wasn't pitch black, they were blindfolded and cuffed. Shouting out into the unknown, the Holofags struggled against their bindings, when a soldier to their left yelped in an unimaginable tone, before his frightened voice was cut off in a gagging choke. Rhythmic grunting noises ensued, and the Holofags could only struggle harder. Then suddenly, what sounded like a fight broke out to the left. Being completely blind, the Holofags could only imagine in a mixture of fear and disgust, what was happening to their comrade to make him beg for mercy so despetately. When even more bastard-like grunts snuck up behind them, they thrashed even harder against their bindings. But it was futile, really. Because the only thing more dangerous than a fujo femanon is an oji-san rapist.

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I agree, don't go shipping vtubers. I much prefer looking at the romance between anons.

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My twitter follows are as such
>my favorite indies
>random 3dpd who are regular collab guests in JP
>fans of these people who never tweet about drama and are over the age of 20
Then I have my Twitter lists grouped by jp fanartists, en fanartists, clippers who post short videos while streams are live like kuma and inajun as well as those ___noises accounts, and people who livetweet livers I don't watch much of but am interested in. This way if tweeters are dramaposting I simply don't open my lists.

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H-haha yeah... CHADeliras are the only remaining bastion of heterosexuality bere...

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To all aussie anons, try your verbal skills with this poem I just made.
>Oh femanon, your hair is so silky and smooth
>Your boobs are as pretty as the moon
>How I dream to watch our oshis together
>While you are my housewife, and are knitting me a sweater
>One day we will meet at nijifes and confess our love for one another
>I wish to lick you up like budder

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Happy Eid /NijiEN/ ?

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Bros... we are parasocial right...? Why don't we get stories as spicy as the chumbud one next door from /here/? I am kinda disappointed...

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Sheeeesh don't be like this anons...

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Fact: Flips are the most arousing race of VTubers
All semen demons.

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elira is cute

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fucking idiot fine ill do it myself
>Alban comes home one afternoon, crying and depressed
>For the whole day, a certain demonic customer kept berating him for how loud and obnoxious he is
>He couldn't talk back, he thought of ways to one-up the demon
>But he couldn't. he coped by thinking that it would be unprofessional
>But he couldn't respond simply because he was too kind-hearted
>Emotionally drained and hungry, he goes to the kitchen to grab a bite
>He finds his older brother, Sonny, making gyudon for tonight's dinner
>Sonny, seeing the dark bags around Alban's eyes and the drained frown on his lips, asks him
>"Alban? Are you okay? Wh-what's wrong?"
>Sonny did not hesitate to step up to his little brother and give him a big hug
>Upon feeling the warmth of his older brother envelop him, Alban just...
>He hugged Sonny back and let it all out, beginning a catharsis and yelling out how much he hates his konbini job
>With Alban's face buried in Sonny's chest, the young nekoboy couldn't see the expression on Sonny's face
>It was one of pure predatory joy, akin to a wolf cornering a young lamb
>Sonny licked his lips and, rubbing the crying boy's back, said
>"Why don't we go to your room and get you comfy... Alban? You can tell onii-chan about all your worries..."

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