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The dislocated joints make him somehow cooler. How does he do it?

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at least their chat won't get filled with unfunny EOPs and the same jokes

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Roberu got max charisma, so he can add an unlimited number of characters to his party

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I have low compulsion control but that never turned into an addiction, but a struggle is a struggle.
My advice would be: You need something that competes with the benefit of your addiction without competing with its cost. I.e. something that makes you "want to keep going" (and ask yourself seriously what that means) so you don't need to fuel your addiction. The "without competing with its cost" part is important because it has to be something you can do no matter how bad your addiction has gets. Find some people to talk to about your life, be it the good or bad parts. Or try some stuff like art or writing. It takes almost no money to get a few pencils and paper, and you can make it about anything you want. Write a letter to your chuubas. Draw your chuubas. Write about what you would like to do with your chuuba. Make some greens. Or simply write about what you want to do with your life. Treat it as your reps. Do your reps.
And don't beat yourself up over your spending so far or how long you have been struggling with this. What's done is done. If you manage to deal with your addiction a bit better one year down the line, you're winning son.

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