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She cute

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Can't really blame her, though.

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Rosebuds you ready for some kino?

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>Rosemi is too cute to rape.
Anon those are exactly the girls that are best made for rape! Don't you wanna just drag her into a dark alley and rip off her pure sweet lolita clothes and destroy her tiny never used vagina that she was saving for marriage? Imagine the mental anguish you'd inflict on her by staining her body with your dirty unwashed ojisan semen. She'd be traumatized for life, never forgetting how your cock felt inside her while constantly suffering nightmares where she's forced to relive that moment. She'd probably develop a phobia of penises and sex in general and never be able to have a proper loving relationship after you destroyed her vagina. You'd be the first and last man to ever enjoy the taste of Rosemi Lovelock's pussy!

There is not a single woman in the world I would rather rape than Rosemi Lovelock!

Rosemi love!

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luv Rosemi.
hate Rosebuds.
Simple as.

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My endless love!

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Based Rosebud

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Fuck the haters, fellow Rosebuds i stan the flip for this kino.

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Imagine the deafening silence if Rosemi attempted to do the same thing for her mama

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Am I invited?~

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Also, the reason Rosemi is always late on Sunday is because her family are very close and spend the weekends together.
She literally tweeted like yesterday about being at her parents house watching Squid Game while spending the night.

Rosemi is a good non-religious girl that doesn't fuck kids or burn jews, stop accusing her of adhering to such barbaric beliefs.

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So happy for her

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