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Alright then, little buta, come here~
It's time for your daily milking!
I'm gonna squeeze your cute little rosebud until you squirt all over yourself, and then some more, having you twitch and squirm under my grasp until you beg me to stop~

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How adorable, do you really think you'll still be able to move a muscle after I'm done with you? I'll milk you until you'll beg for mercy, little bud

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>let me get my balls out

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Why did they make her look like a fucking alien when she squints?

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If you think Vtubers should drop the kayfabe and not even attempt to make their boyfriends lore-friendly, then you've missed the point of Vtubers

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Rosemi and it's not even close

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Rosemi is a trap and technically the first NijiEN male

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Sending all my energy to Wosemi

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For now

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They're fine. What's REALLY creepy is when she's squinting, and her irises shrink to 1/3 their size. Goes from your angle to yuor devil every time she laughs.

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What if Rosemi is also a femboy and we just didn't know?

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I should go more to pixiv

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>Took down the upcoming debut of an entire gen, all just by herself
Why is Wosemi-sama so powerful?

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>"Hi my little sprout, wanna go for a walk?"
>You raise your head to let her know you want to since dogs don't speak but she puts her foot on your head and makes you kiss the ground
>"Dogs shouldn't have their head so high up, if you're so desperate to go outside then bark as a good dog"
>You bark as she slides her foot from over your head towards your chin and raises it with her pointy shoe
>"Then let's go for a walk"
>She puts the collar on and you go outside towards her garden, you go for about 10 minutes and then get the urge to urinate so you raise your leg. As you do it she slaps your ass with her thorns and your urethra closes reflexively
>"Bad little sprout, you cannot do that until i do it first"
>She then pulls down her panties and lifts her skirt
>"Open wide and get closer, this sweet nectar contains a lot of nutrients for a plant to grow tall and strong"
>You do as she says but keep a little distance as like preparing to drink from a water fountain. She then gets a hold of the back of your head and pushes it towards her crotch
>"You should know better than to have the chance for my sweet nectar to spill"
>You suffocate a little with the smell of roses that emanate from her body and taste the sweet pheromones that come from her opening, as you let your tongue inside you can taste the sweet nectar of a rose.
>Your eyes meet with her's as she squints her eyes as a reaction from relieving her bladder, you can also feel the liquid moving inside her from all the way inside right into your open mouth. The flow begins as she closes her eyes and the sweet nectar you tasted before is quickly contrasted by the sour and salty taste of her pee, the characteristic smell of ammonia and your throat having problems swallowing it all but being forced to by sheer force.
>This goes on for a minute or so and you begin to lose consciousness, while doing so you remember that she didn't got to telieve herself since yesterday and spent all day drinking black tea. She finally lets you go as you collapse face up on the floor barely conscious with a huge boner
>"Since you enjoyed my gift to you so much, i might as well be a kind lady and help you out with that"
>She smiles smugly as she opens her lower lips and unloads the remaining contents of her bladder on your erect member. As the warm fluids begin flowing from the head and into your shaft you can feel it like if a hand stroked it going downwards infinitely, the feeling makes you so aroused you thrust your hips upwards and let loose of your semen, wasted under a golden shower as it tries to fly through the air but is overpowered by the force of her stream
>"What a weak spurt, but it's expected from a little sprout like you"
>You lie on the floor in afterglow as the world around you fades away and you fall unconscious in the warm nectar of your mistress

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Where's your image, pig?!

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Growing larger for Rosemi-sama!

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she knows EXACTLY what she is doing you know.


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hurt me plenty Rosemi!

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No wonder Rosemi showed him no mercy.

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