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>Glorious chicken!

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It means she needs 5 chickens in a row to satisfy her lust.

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Time to watch the Donut County VoD...
>Donut CUNTY
Ah I love my stupid ESL Oshi.

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I miss Takanashi Kiara as well.

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Still cleaning my Kiara directories. Surprised this one didn't get posted this week, with the whole "5 chickens in a trenchcoat are tall enough to dance with me" bit.

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Ugghhhhhh, watching the SC reading from that Momotetsu collab, it's so crazy to hear her doubt herself so much during it. I'm glad she finally gained some confidence that her fans weren't just going to up and leave her out of the blue. I also thing she's gotten a little happier about it ever since sort of dropping Takamori and not seeing it really hit her retention.

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I love Kiara.

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They're always cute.
I still think she'd be the one who'd wanna get babied in the relationship if you're a gosling.

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It was fine. People are overreacting like usual. I wouldn't call it amazing, but she announced something big, talked about a few things coming up like the fact that we're going to get heartrate monitored Kiara and some other little cute stories.

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Kiara loves her chickens so much, and it makes my heart go doki doki

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Ended up going with the one in the twitter link because Ina's didn't fit a card sleeve all that well and pic related. Here's to hoping they don't randomly decide not to make them.

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I love Kiara!...

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But I want to fuck my lovely chicken softly.

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Kiara love!

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Good thing I love listening.

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