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Since this might as well be the Mito thread I'll ask the shuujins here, What got you into iinchou? What do you like about her?

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>t. EOP who has never watched a NijiJP outside of Gundou and HKSW clips
Vulgarity is a substitute for actually being entertaining and having personality.
It's insulting to degrade NijiJP to that level

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Her birthday is in two weeks, say something nice about her.

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Lots of reasons, I saw her from near the beginning (the grass eating meme that got spread around mid 2018), liked her interest in 00s subculture, and simply grow more and more attached as time goes.

I like her experience report format a lot, and I admire her for always trying out so many new things. Also her voice is very very pleasant and distinct for some reason. I think her mid-2020 ukulele karaoke stream is still my favorite karaoke stream ever.

She played part in cleaving the path open for nijisanji and probably many other Live2D vtubers and I respect that a lot, especially with how vibrant the scene ended up being.

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Happy 3rd anniversary iinchou

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