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HEY PIPPA YOU BRAINLESS GANGLY SLOTH!! Hopefully your move is progressing and whatever events you've encountered will get worked out in a good manner! Remember to let people know if you're streaming or not ahead of time, some people take your schedule seriously. Make sure to take care of your teeths and health in the mean time! I assume you finished your taxes too. Miss your silly voice and your naive childlike wonder. Ok, maybe not wonder but very child like!! Peepa lub! Any new plushie friends for pipellow?

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what novel/novels anon

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Can you add the Pipellow picture to it next time? Maybe add "PIPPA YOU DORK!" a the start too.

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PIPPA YOU DUMB REDNECK MANGY HORSE!!!! I hope youre not too stressed from the recent graduation announcements. Im sure you have lots to say but not sure if you should say them, you can always post your thoughts here! YOU BETTER NOT BE NEXT! Thanks for being so kind and sharing your super cute voice! DO NOT ARGUE BECAUSE ITS SUPER TRUE. Peepa lub! When pipellow merch??? Or at least a pipsqueak to go with the Pippa plush!

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HEY PIPPA YOU STINKY SMELLY TOOTHLESS FERRET!!! Runescape was kinda silly today, I bet the grind will take a while. Are you going to do the mahjong event? Didn't you oogle the dragon lady on twitter? Good luck on tonights stream! Reminder that your voice is beautiful and youre very kind. YEA ITS SAPPY BUT ALSO TRUE!!! Pippa lub! Can you even defeat pipellow in a duel?

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HEY PIPPA YOU WORM INFESTED SLUG! Glad you are having fun with Palworld! Theres a lot of potential so hopefully the makers can make some cool update. Its nice to see some casual interactions on the server with Lumi and Panko and Kirsche and hopefully more streamers! Your voice always cheers me up, and youre very kind to others. Pippa love! Pipellow: ~fluffles away~

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HEY PIPPA YOU DIRTY SMELLY STINKY YAPPY LITTLE RAT DOG!!!! Nice stream today, hope you start to feel better soon. Your rants resonate so much, its hard to believe it wasnt all in my mind. You're voice is so beautiful, and youre very kind even if you called that guy a cunt. Peepa lub! Pipellow getting a little sister piplushie???

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HEY PIPPA YOU CREEPY WOMANIZING LEECH!!!! That was a weird stream with Touhou. Hopefully you had some fun! Maybe you can do a collab with bat? Good luck on finishing your move, can't wait for your new set up! Another year of cute rabbit voice and silly kindness! YES ITS REAL AND YOU CANT DENY IT!!!! Peepa lub! Dont let Touhous steal pipellow....

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Told myself last new years if things wouldn't get better with my chronic illness I'd take a header off my apartment roof on christmas. Looks like the time has come.

This'll be the closest thing to a suicidal note I guess. Goodbye /pcg/ and merry christmas. I'll make sure to do a flip on the way down.

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I like the Pippa.
She is good and cute

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>you dork

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HEY PIPPA YOU GINORMOUS HORSE TICK!!! I hope your move is going smoothly and having a good time with family. Thanks for updating us on streams! Looking forward to hearing you again! Proud of you! Peepa love! Dont lose pipellow in the desert...

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OMG she didn't forget her Pippellow~!

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Pippa YOU IDIOT lol lmao get owned_________________________ pipellow

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Whatever you say, an-non~! I'm sure that's definitely what happened!

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HEY PIPPA YOU GAMBLING BUFFOON!!! Hope you have a good break and you get along with parents. Proud all the things you've accomplished this year! Thanks for letting us hear your sweet voice and kind words! WE WILL MISS IT WHILE YOURE GONE! Peepa love! Clean pipellow before parents arrive....

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Lap Pippellow for an-non~!

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Yeah, an-nooooon~! You fucking RETARD! don't forget your Pippellow too~

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YOU STUPID RETARD, you didn't forget your Pippellow~!

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>takes a break
>Comes back even more miserable and drained from dealing with her parents and not being able to trauma dump on chat
Calling it now

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and don't forget your Pippellow~!

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Yeah! Leave it to the experts!

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