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Good night!

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>I sit on it
>I step on it
>I rub is all over my body
>I take pictures of me with it and send it to people

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That reminds me I like coffee but I can only drink it in the morning, because if I drink it anywhere past 2PM I end up waking up at night and hyperventilating/not being able to breathe etc

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That reminds me of a Steam bug in 2015 when they set the indo rupee value to something hilariously big, letting indonesians buy shit on the market for literal pennies while people selling them were getting full value in their currencies.
The indos were clearing the market, you could put out literally any item worth half a shit for the maximum price allowed (like $360) and it would sell in seconds. Valve did rollbacks later but they didn't roll anything you managed to spent. I got myself every Dota arcana and a load of battle pass levels. It was probably the only time Indonesians were doing anything good for the world, lol.

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I get sexually aroused by the idea of fucking Gura's body with Jenma's personality

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Fun fact:
Hitler refused to ever actually marry his mistress, Eva Braun, or even publicly reveal that he was in emotional relationships with women, because he felt that it was important to his image that he be "Married to his people, to the Fatherland, not any one person."
He was unironically afraid of girlfriend rrats causing his support base to break down.

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I don't think Koyori is human or she's on some kind of drug

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didn't read lol

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Let's gooooooooooooo

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Good luck

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Let's push a going back to RE2 after this, a capcom summer sounds good for me(RE,Megaman)

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I have never seen a person like Mumei who will go from one subject to the next within the same sentence and thought. Sometimes I can almost hear the cogs in her brains turning, well she slowly pauses and says words slowly one at time like she's having a hard time remembering what she was talking about in that same sentence. What is wrong with her?

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Does anyone else feel like Mumei's brain just seems to lag sometime? It's like she's got dial-up or something.

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How does it feel knowing that there will never be a single Hololive, nay, Vtuber bout of drama that will ever come close to the sheer level of drama created by the finales of both Supernatural and Sherlock?
Fuck, man, there are people TO THIS DAY who think Sherlock isn't actually over.

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No, but the original pilot for the Muppet Show was called Sex and Violence, and the Muppets are pretty good

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Hey, you guys wanna hear a funny story that was relevant back in my day of pre-EN Hololive?
Back before Fifth Gen debuts happened, the "unspoken contract" was that you got a 3D model if, and only if, you hit 100k subscribers. 100,000. It was considered a big deal back then, with most of the girls only really hitting 100/200k subs as a maximum limit, outside of outliers like the Gen 3 girls and Fubuki.
Then, Botan hit 100k subs by the end of her debut stream, and people considered that to be something so wild that it probably wouldn't be repeated again for years to come. It was insane at the time, to think about a Holo managing to get a full 100k subs before her very first stream was even done! It changed the idea of "100k gets you a 3D model debut" to "3D models will probably happen, eventually, if you do alright."
And for a long time (one month), it seemed like a truly unbeatable record.

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sorry kronie i drank all the milk...

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IRyS doesn't work out and is skinny, I think. 1500-1600 a day is probably more accurate.

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I've been able to watch IRyS by getting two hours of sleep a night and it's been fine for me for the last year

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sorry kronie. i drank all the milk...

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Cromartie watchalong when

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