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Why are there so many shit posts attached to mumei and fauna

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I love Ame's cool coat so fucking much it's unreal

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Let's fucking go fellas

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Yeah the coat looks a bit too plain without the other layer

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Always love art of Ame smoking

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I was expecting a badass analytical detective
I got a loveable dork of an oshi instead

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>https://pastebin.com/qyizgSi2 - Watson's Test Pt. 1

>Watson's Tests Pt. 2




sO mUcH pAIN.

Your vision was red. You felt your eyes pulsating out of their sockets. They darted around the room. No one. Blood everywhere. You looked down and you could see the veins bulging out of your arms. Your limbs were intensely shaking. Your breathing was erratic. You ground your teeth together so hard it felt they were going to crack. Your lungs felt like they were on fire. Every breath you took burned your esophagus. You wanted it to stop. Anything to make it stop. It. Hurt. SO. MUCH.

“Ugh, this is starting to get soooo boring…”

That voice.

Your eyes darted immediately to your right and she was sitting on an empty table. Amelia Watson. She was fumbling with a watch in her hand. In the other was another one of her syringes. This time it was one of the red ones. Nononononononono. Please. Not again. You pleaded in your mind because you knew you could not speak. Over the hundreds of injections and beatings you learned this lesson. It would only lead to more pain. You just wanted no more pain.

She hopped off the desk and walked over to you. You couldn’t see her face. Her head was tilted down to the floor. Her hands were shaking. From your vantage point you could see a snarl form on her face. Snap. The syringe in her hand shattered under her pressure. The red liquid spilled all over her hands. It reminded you of your blood from the previous beating. Watson dropped the glass shards and needle on the ground and, with an ear-piercing screech, threw her watch across the room. It harmlessly bounced off the brick wall and landed on the floor undamaged.

“WHY. WON'T. IT. WORK?!?!”

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>Ame reschedule her apex stream back to after kiara collab
Sasuga time-traveling detective

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Being ignored by tryharder Ame!

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Tinnitus bros where we at? I feel closer to her now.

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What's with all the schizos today?

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