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Like the other anon said, at least we got our real names written in her adorkable handwriting!

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That's funny, I love Nina as well!

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This thread is dedicated to Nina Saotome.

Stream link:http://twitch.tv/ninaninin
Her Twitter:https://twitter.com/ninanininvt
Her Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZYetJ72XDX0sn5GQLx-rBA

Interested how Nina sings? Check her last karaokes:https://pastebin.com/nS8QC1z8

>who is Nina?
Nina is a Dutch indie vtuber who is a variety streamer playing a variety of games from typical kusoge, retro, rpgs to touhou and sings karaoke once a month.
She is well known for her hard work, wonderful singing and her support for other indies.

Also known as the CEO of Seiso.

Friendly threads: /koopa/ ; /africat/

Pastebin of VOD timestamps for clippers (if you make one and post it ITT I'll add it):https://pastebin.com/sbMyTDne
Megafolder with art and reaction images (contains NSFW):https://mega.nz/folder/UoBCiZiY#1zKK0X4nUG9KmEB1Ty-pAg

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