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nigger it hasn't even been a day

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have you guys took meds today?

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This is the guy behind all of it. Both sides of it.
His vtuber image place is literally called “fuck vtubers”. If you think he’s a fan, you’re wrong >>29345833

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seems infinitely more likely to anyone who doesn't lose sleep over this nobody that they didn't want to commit pre-emptively to the holostars branding before they were sure they were going to go through with that.

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I've been here since /jp/ and you can't get rid of me

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if you had any brains youd realize the people who hate pippa also hate nyanners, phasecuck. get your shit together.

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Made me laugh a bit, but you still need to take your meds
why did you ship my wife with Suityan?

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ITT: pic related.

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Zero, or they wouldn't be vtubing

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Suischizo and Pekoschizo these day prove Hololive (light) blue haired women success breeds jealousy

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>stream slowly climbed to 300 viewers

Holy /vt/sisters!
Aren't you ashamed? What do you have to say for yourselves?!

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How about you take your meds, pasasocial nigger?

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Yeah and cover disregard the profit that could be made by the most popular ship at that time

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meds. now

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Yeah no shit. Remember, we act like fucking idiots 99% of the time because it's funny. Now take your crazy pills and stop being sane.

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>What did schizoanon mean
He needs a refill.

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thread is in short supply

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>i-it's only one anon

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i stopped taking pills
i realized a few years ago that despite taking it from time to time, i never actually needed any aspirin/ibuprofin and started cutting out all pills form my life
at this point, its been at least 2 years since ive ingested any pill of any kind and i dont plan to change that

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