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is what? dev is a what??!

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Heeeeeey everyone, just wanted to let you know that there will be divegrass in August, starting with a tag team friendly tournament.
We are grouping up with /wvt/, /774/ and /vsinger/ to form /wtf/ - who the fuck
Now now anyone has any ideas for the logo? I'll come back to check the replies after I finish keeping up with a day worth of content

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>actual art of children
so... which is it?
Is it made up drawings of people that do not exist?
Or does the person consider real photos of abused kids as "art"?

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how tf people make friends in "hololive community"? did any of you make friends? do you want to be my friend?

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why mumei likes disney

disney is for little girls

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Why is everything on this board outside of this thead an absolute wasteland? Who the fuck is bothering with that?

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>Kiryu Coco
>my bf wants to cosplay her

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will we be able to watch council without paying?
also bought nitrogen beer again, shit tastes like piss

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No she was facing the viewer and screaming at the top of her lungs while looking at the sky (her head was mostly facing the viewer but her eyes where rolled up).

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Do people actually, truthfully, unironically, seriously think a reservation titled "FREE CHAT" means that Coco will stream?
Where the fuck did all these newfags come from? What happened?

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>paintings of naked men and women from 300 years ago - okay to post and considered fine art!!!
>drawing of girl with slight amount of nipple showing - this is DISGUSTING and SEXIST ban he!!!!!!

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>Replying to yourself on a 1 minute cooldown
Yeah i'll just hide this thread, schizos weird me out.

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Bros, this is bad. I've been harbouring feelings of violence and hated against couples and people who have had someone to live before for a while now but these debuts have done nothing but flare those feelings up. I feel like I'm on the brink of doing something incredibly foolish

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>tfw no high middle class british accented kind but confident chuuba

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If only people talked more about streams or their oshi instead of replying to posts about how they hate supposed offtopic posts, or making a 5 paragraph blogpost about how they hate offtopic posters with an offtopic post...

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Am I the only person that can poop faster than two minutes? Never understood why people read or do other things on the toilet.

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not white = bad

i know because /pol/ crossboarders told me and my fellow based 90iq bros agreed

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so schizos were expecting her to throw a shit-fit tantrum on twitter and quitting her job? I don't really see how that is "professional"

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you fucking zhangs

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This is it /vt/. The war is over. In the end everything is destroyed. There is no hope for a bright future. Hololive will continue on as usual and you will continue watching but no that for the rest of time hololive will be incomplete. Hololive will continue onwards as a holo shell of itself that is unrecoverable. There will be no more golden age. You will now persist through this doomed world

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So Fubuki found out first or she almost accidentally spilled the beans...

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Temako please come home...

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We need to create an updated version of this. These are great

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