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that's old news bro, they're literally the first results if you search for >>42377962

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I don't even like /sp/, but I know there's an above expected number of you who do, so I'll let you cheer. I'm just going to take a 45 minute piss and walk back to see if we go through or not.

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Stop making me outrageously horny for holos

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>Nooooo, don't play the game you like. You have to adhere to my ideal schedule of what your life should look like and if you're still depressed it's probably your fault
I don't think it's Kronii who has issues, Anon

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Kiara... just skip to 99 luft baloons and then call it a day

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Imagine carrying them, and bending them over each and every piece of furniture in your home.

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I want to rim that hag's ass

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My semen<span class="fortune" style="color:#aa01d0">

Your fortune: Happy Festivus!</span>

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>dark matter
Why does this sci-fi meme still exist?

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we need a crop of marine to put over the egg. but it has to be an expression that sums up senchou / is unique. kind of how watamelon stands out because she's so smug, but it's also one of watame's legitimate expressions

it needs to come from her model too, not fan art. maybe ask in the marine general for some crops of hers? then we can put it in the egg

pic related could work but there's probably something better to use desu

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I want to drink ringo straight from Suisei's tap.

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Does Marine have any other joke than "I'm horny"? It's getting old.

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