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Oi Heimin. What's Kanata watching.

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Let's just say if there were so many amazing talents like Kanata, Mio, Kiara, Gura, IRyS, Okayu, Botan, Reine and the likes in Hololive, I'd probably have even more cats than I do already, so I'm thankful for Hololive as a whole for recruiting so many wonderful girls who give my oshi the friendship she needs. I hope Kanata and Ayame continue to do fun things together and lift each other up when they're feeling down on their luck.

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like oshi like fanbase after all.

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I approve of it because Kanata is amazing and cute and if possible even I would want to be in her haram because my oshi is in her haram and that would mean I would not only be closer to Kanata's chest, but I'd also be closer to my best friend oshi.

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By the way, did you know Kanata and Lamy are getting pretty close? Kanata's even been sending selfies (quite a bit even!) lately, which is something she only does with a select few people. Is that a pair you really would've expected? Personally, I think it's cute.

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Anything sleepy Mysthei says does not count nor reflect back on myself and thus I have no idea what you two are implying.

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>wake up
>my adjustments were good
it's felt like so long...

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umm sorry anon boys are not allowed. You may get a pity handshake maybe

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Only if it's a Holo playing it and only if they don't have that weird experience where the rage is like non-comedic. Those streams are always painful to watch.

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Kanata is an idol!

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Thank you anon!

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Nice images.

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I'm still here and you can't make me leave.

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I will always love this cute tenshi, her cute smile and her cute nicknames. I seriously can't wait to see her regularly stream again.

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I woke up specifically to watch Kanata's stream just because I really wanted to hear her voice again. It was a pretty standard shill stream but she was happy with her gains and had fun and that made it all worth it.

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What are your thoughts on this /hlgg/?

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enjoy this moment

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This is a wonderful night. Thanks for sharing it everyone...

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>wamy incline
what a splendid result.

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from the bottom of my heart.

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