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The only thing that keeps me going these days is knowing you guys are just as menhera as me.

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I'm talking about why it is that shit to begin with.
>wtf are you taling about
Look at the sticky there. 99% of "discussion" that occurs in that shithole doesn't meet the criteria of quality stickied in the fucking first page. That + flood of normalfags killed what was left of that place.
It's such a disgrace that I am forced to assume bad faith from some party.

I saw that video, it was funny.
Bold of you to assume no one else is doing such a thing.
See all the
>1 post by this ID
threads. Why would a human do that?


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she's pretty cute and I like her but it's clear that I'm gonna also have to tolerate Petra's existence more often...

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I miss the old Pomu
Straight from the woods Pomu
The minecraft sovl Pomu
Set on her goals Pomu
I hate the new Pomu
The bad mood Pomu
The always rude Pomu
Spaz in the news Pomu
I miss the sweet Pomu
The non-NEET Pomu
I gotta say at that time I'd like to meet Pomu
I used to love Pomu, I used to love Pomu
I even had the green bow, I thought I was Pomu

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>forgetting about the literal /b/ whore

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No, I don't think I am cool desu.

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>Pomudachi fucks fellow pomudachi over ruining it for everyone in the process

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>initially think Johnny is a loser
>begin to see that he's comedic kino and come around to liking him
>now I hate him for trying to grope Mei Ling out of nowhere
Damn what a character arc

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If you're one person spamming the thread with 50+ images, I'd say that's quite sad yeah. Not annoying, just sad to see how pathetic you are. What point were you trying to make by such a fruitless and low-impact effort?

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Do american really not use cursive?

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I still only listen to sum41

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i stopped posting there because of /soc/posters months ago, but holy shit this is disgusting
>muh holobronies
and also because of their obsession with holofags

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>"BTFOing the bigots" who hate TLOU2
While we're on the topic, can someone explain why people hate TLOU2? I never played the game myself but I was always curious about the outrage.
Whenever I tried looking into it, I kept on seeing TLOU2 fans calling everyone else who disliked it a bigot or something.

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Kiwifags archived both posts, there's no escape.

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Hell yeah it is.

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>prank someone
>haha funneh
>two people die

>get pranked
>one person dies
>"wtf bro not funneh"
I don't get it

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>being fucked by a girl

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People believe in all kinds of stupid shit, so yes

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How come it's socially acceptable to like monster girls but I'm judged for liking Gardevoir?

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>ignores post that could lead to civil war
>women here just don't have the mental capacity to debate anything, they can't bant

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