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>Kronii and Sana are sjw dykes

why SEA-monkies feel the need to spread this shit blows my mind. The Sana stuff was fake as all hell, and nothing about the clock is true. Just because Sana's model is tanned doesn't mean she's some SJW, she's fucking anti-vax you cunt.

Just making shit up I see.

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Kiara needs coco's Marie Antoinette speech badly.

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are you this retarded? you can't be. this has to be bait. she's not doing the schitzo bit. this is a fucking disney princess character song you fucking mog. christ. how stupid do you have to be to think that gura is going to do a schitzo act.

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>and it's honestly grating
an interesting mental quirk of English speaking Americans. they tend to use the word "honestly" right before they lie.

And while Gura is no pro, she's top tier for an amateur singer, and you're a bad troll.

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