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I want a Vtuber who is well versed in philosophy, literature and cinema, she also needs to have listened to the whole /mu/core essential albums as a minimum requirement, bonus points if she's gone beyond that and has outstanding musical abilities, constantly producing songs that push the boundaries of genre. She also needs to be a big tiddy hag with a good sense of humor, being able to make controversial witty jokes but isn't an edgelord.
I know I'm dreaming so I'll settle with a chuuba who has outstanding talents in just a single artistic or scientific field.

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>I will shitpost on /vt/, make dumb rrats and falseflagging anti-posts
>I will never harass a Vtuber and always drop a nice comment whenever I'm in their chat

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She beat Malenia at level 128 with 40ish vigor, she did better than most Twitch streamers who did it at lvl 150-160ish and still manage to struggle against her.

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>for me, it's tongue twisters in finnish

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>open stream
>type "too loud" or "too quiet" until chuuba stops and starts adjusting her audio settings
>close stream

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based antis

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Albert bros...

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Yes, I'll continue to ship miComet and posting rrats about them fucking in this thread without bothering elsewhere like pekomikoturds did, cope and seethe more schizo niggers

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>she has a boyfriend?

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>IRyS saying weird things to lift her Irystocrats' self confidence

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I have never donated, and never will donate, to a woman.

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my hair goes down to my ass

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I hate Mori and Twitch is gay.
Needless to say, I won't be watching her anyway.

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When there's a female involved, it's a man's duty to simp.

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No thanks, I'm waiting for the technology to improve. You can be an early adopter, though.
There is NOTHING more based than someone with the mind of a male and the body of a young woman. Look at how popular astolfo is. Look at how the greeks admired feminine men. It is the end-game of society, the obsolescence of f*males. Muscular alpha males and prime femme boypussy. The alphas and the betas, nothing else.

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I'm going to try to be unbiased as possible here because I'm not a lolicon;

She used to be /here/ when she was like 16 and now she's like in her late 20's and is no longer /here/ and has to maintain the persona or else get cancelled by her audience. Yeah she's kind of a hypocrite but she's an entertaining retard so just laugh at her streams and disregard her when she wants to be taken seriously

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>God tier streamer, knows what to do in any game you throw at them

yeah i watch shishiro botan, how could you tell?

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>never watched a single second of their streams or clips
>masturbate to their porn

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Listen retard, there's a difference between posting on a platform and revolving your personality around said platform. You don't go around calling people faggots and niggers and tell them to seethe when they get mad IRL do you? if you do, HOLY, >pic related

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