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Anyone tried to dig into the site? Might be some hidden stuff?

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I love how every time these threads come up there's always a huge authoritative essay written by someone who hasn't watched them since week 1 and just occasionally checks the general for drama.

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Is Rosemi gonna be the Mori of NijiEN?

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>streams: opened
>/NijiEN/ thread: watched
>buttplug: inserted
Yep. Its Apex time

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Yep you got the perp right. I have an epilogue of sorts almost ready to publish that I've been writing in my spare time to kinda set the motivations for the story and stuff. I probably won't go too hard on it, since I still have other stories to finish but it's fun to think about.

Coincidentally in my mind, it's a similar setting to Carbon (where each Gen holds a section of the city) but the way I envision it is to also have some educational commentary Initial D style, where (You) don't really know much about racing, and need to master a specific skill to beat each chuuba/gen, with the help of a certain retired Holo...

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I wouldn't want to control that mess.

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or maybe its just one big April fools, i hope not tho

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i see an offcollab with vtubers
turns out there is a surprise guest
i give negative fucks about their gender
it's that simple
the sooner you realize it the better

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eop hands typed this post

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Nijicope this, nijitranny that. Niji just lives rent free in your heads without even watching them huh

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OP is a niggerfaggot

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Hey your attention please!
Just wanted to inform all applicants that if you're a /here/ vchuuba that's cool but if you break containment like that blonde faggot I'm becoming a schizo anti until your fanbase is forced to fuck off like ryuguards or I'm permabanned whatever happens first.
You have been warned.

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Hey there Reimu/Sonny

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Reimu about to ask Ha Yun for a second chance

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>nijiEN new wave, ironmouse twitch subs, rushia fake suicide.
someone is seething, and I'm afraid to point a fingers.

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If you can ignore the Selen schizo bait you can ignore the Mysta schizo bait.

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>Ethyria looks like a womb tattoo
I bet one of them has it

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