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>she is a whore due to an accident, dressing as the avatar that's on her screen every time she streams, and less than a second of deliberate fanservice she did 9 months ago
>I won't watch her though because she isn't a whore

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>meat with sweet BBQ sauce = delicious
>meat with sweet honey/maple/donuts/etc. = gross

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Streaming in Japanese on Twitch

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>learning Unreal Engine
>can't even set a game to run smoothly on stream

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>new channel

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>Chit chat patty wack
Wtf is a patty wack?

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I had a dream that Kumichou did a stream on Chaturbate. She didn't tweet ahead of time or anything, I was just sitting at my computer, got a notification that she went live, and thought "holy shit" and opened a browser tab immediately while tearing off my pants. The tab opens, the video buffers for a second, I have my hand on my dick in anticipation, and then it loads to Kumichou just sitting there in those fuzzy pajamas with a cup of tea like all her random Mildom chat streams. The only difference was she was clearly at somebody else's house, and way in the background there were two people fucking, like at the opposite end of a large living room, so you couldn't really make out any details. She says "hello guys! can you hear me?" while some regular viewers' names show up in chat spamming "!?". A 100 token tip from Namunamu appears. Someone leaves a comment that says something like "oooh is this gonna be a 3P stream!?", Kumichou reads it and replies "oh no I was just visiting some friends and they felt like having sex so I figured I'd chat with you guys for a bit." Someone else mentions "is this okay? they are on camera you know" and she replies "oh it's fine that's why I'm streaming on this website". Then she starts talking about her Ark server, all while there are faint slapping noises from her friends going at it in doggy style. I was having trouble following what she was saying because I apparently didn't do my reps in my dream either. Then after like five minutes of that I woke up.

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>the Japanese streamer who multiple times insisted she prefers being independent and doesn't want to join an agency is gonna join an English agency

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>women entertain your dick and make you cum
>get angry about it
This board is stupid.

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Maybe stop spinning narratives out of thin air. What's with the sad posting suddenly, I thought we were over that shit months ago?

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>"I'm not good with men"
>two 5-hour marathon stream sessions with men
>demands Choeki Taro collab with her as soon as he appears in her chat
>hasn't interacted with a women longer than a 5 minute phone call

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>let's do this embarrassing punishment game, but leave the door wide open so your roommate can walk over mid stream and see my tits too haha
You know these are all grown women nearing or in their 30's and not 15 year old boys, right

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Thanks for giving the Coco thread an update on this person who Coco has never interacted with. I will continue to not watch her.

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I'm not sure if people know exactly what happened on the Chinese side of this Playism thing. It's actually way dumber than you think.

Basically this whole shitstorm happened because one random Chinese streamer, who is not a Playism employee, said (in private) that he didn't want to restream the event on his channel if Kson was there because some NGA changs sent him embarrassing schizo DMs. The Playism Bilibili channel has like 1000 subscribers, so they are reliant on said streamer, who has 380k subs, to restream the event for them in order for it to have any views at all. He has done it multiple times in the past, seemingly for just free publicity.

So this isn't like some official Bilibili promoted stream with contracts and shit leaving them no choice but to kneel in order to have the show go on, it's one dude in his bedroom mirroring a Youtube stream to like 10k live viewers or less probably. And no, the restreamer is not a translator. And nobody watches the archives either. For the same event last year, the official upload on the Playism channel has about 1k views, and the stream archive from the restreamer guy is at 5k. The Japanese Youtube archive is at about 50k though.

So basically what I'm getting at is that they could have just let the Chinese dude not stream it. They really wouldn't be losing anything by doing so. He could have posted a notice that there was a change of plans and he wouldn't be restreaming that event, and it would have ended there and nobody would have given a shit. But instead they made the absolutely retarded decision of immediately firing the biggest Japanese guest host they had, for a Japanese-centric event where the hosts are the main draw for the vast majority of viewers. Now they have a smaller streamer and a literal who hosting. And everyone hates them including some of the developers they are contracted with.

I don't know exactly how the company is structured in order to allow this to happen, but I think it's safe to say that it's structured stupidly. They probably should have talked about this for a few minutes before making a decision.

Anyway I hope she does gunpla tomorrow.

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>not camgirl with a mask on

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nani the fuck

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>she was a japanese women openly behaving like a westerner

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Go easy on the drugs.

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