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Yes, many times

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No, the fact that she simply pretends like April never happened for some fucking reason and somehow wants everyone to just move on and forget she was extremely lazy and delivered poor quality streams all month is not going to be easily forgiven by a member letter for the new month and a drawing she didnt even draw recently
the fact that she refuses to own up to her April letter never being written is not going to fly, she may have been raised as a spoiled brat who can get away with never telling the truth or pretending something didnt happen doesn't work on me
sorry Rosemi but you're a grown ass woman and you need to own up to your mistakes, not sweep them under the carpet and hope everybody moves on without confronting you about it

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>anon is thinking about my butt again

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She's just extremely wholesome and her cheerful personality and innocent dorkiness and general adorableness helps me to momentarily forget about the miserable world around me.
Honestly she is the perfect vtuber, no one else brings me this much joy. She's like an angel sent from heaven to grant respite to us downtrodden miserable rosebutas.

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It's more than likely as the other anons said, some rules or restrictions to streaming. Rosemi said she likes games like 999 and she's currently streaming a game similar to Danganronpa/Amogus. The name escapes me though, but the point is she clearly has some interest in those types of games so it could happen in the future if they get permission.

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I want to deflower the rose girl.

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Why can nobody bully her?
Even Pomu when she was malding hard in the crab game apologized when she realized she said something mean to Wosemi
Are her Imouto vibes max level?

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Imagine your penis inside the rose maiden

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Rosefriends, it's 7am here, the sun is slowly rising, which means I should probably go to bed soon.
I missed the start of the stream, did Rosemi-sama mention if she had vods enabled now or do I need to rely on archivebros?

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>Pomu with Rosemi on Tuesday for Selen's birthday
>Pomu and Rosemi on Wednesday all to themselves!
>Pomu and Rosemi in the Raft collab

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Imagine being a single, young girl being watched by thousands of horny men. How would you feel

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Rosemi has connections with people you don't wanna mess with me...

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Rosemi and Fauna have tweeted niceties at each other :)
I hope they collab one day.

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as much as i dislike ARK, i dislike seeing Rosemi sad more
i hope things work out for her

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Oh… I completely understand why she Wosemi’s oshi now.

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Rosemi put leafs she found while she went camping in the letter
it was super sweet of her
it wasn't just words on a piece of paper, she actually made an effort to find very cute looking leafs changing color and put them into the letter for us

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As long as she worships the lord I will keep supporting my rose wife
i wonder if she feels awkward that her thorns can be a symbol for Jesus Christ's thorn crown

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it's cool how Rosemi can be both cute and erotic at the same time
lots of girls tend to just get called cute forever but Rosemi is able to give off some real erotic vibes through her voice while still being super cute through her actions

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It's called being a small childlike asian girl in a western country who dresses in frilly clothes.
You could hire Rosemi to pretend to be a middle schooler and round up pedophiles all over Canada just by standing on a street corner.

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I love Rosemi! I wake up everyday wishing she has a wonderful day!

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Her mama likes to draw femboy traps so…imagine what she’s hiding until that dress?

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