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>Though I also hate her fans (including you).
What did they do to you?

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Violet's lyrics and MV literally don't make sense.

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>Double checks her gear and slightly changes strategy
Nice job inner.

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Ina has all the money in the world to fix this, this is proof she's a woman (female) though

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What the hell did /hlg/ do this time?

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Did Ina just ignore the rot dragon?

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What the fuck

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Whats an MCM?

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It's a mystery why there isn't more art of Ina fucking herself with her tentacles. It's such a basic and hot concept and yet there's barely any of it.

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When I really think about it, Kiara and Irys come across as the most feminine in EN. But that's mainly because they're sassy and girly as fuck.
Gura and Watson seem the most gross, and that's mainly because I remember them talking about their diets in the past.
Mumei is channeling her white girl with all the country and breakup songs and sometimes has a stroke while she's trying to form sentences, so I consider those feminine traits.
Fauna has a heart attack when seeing roaches, but I think that's pretty normal for most human beings. Her veganism is more girly than that.

I'm too lazy to really think about the overall girliness of the other ENs, so I'd like it if someone could add to this.

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What if like, no one ACTUALLY watched Kiara and everyone were just writing random shit that sounds right to make it seem like we have many KFP here?

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Talos Principle....

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God I hate charge characters.

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>Open Ina stream
>Try to read the warning
>Get a seiutyzuredfdfffffffff

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I just want Kronii to do the slutty choreos and have her sing deep voiced gookspeech to me

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I'm getting shot at. I'm gonna stand in the line of fire and eat a laser, yummy.

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Those are way better names to call them. I don't see the issue with this one.

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She already said she never wants to do that.

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When was this decided?

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Ame gosling moments
Kiara - Drawing stream "in another life, maybe I'd have been with Ame"
Mori - Ame call in telling her she's naked
Gura -

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I'm not sure we got too much info on what she's like in that stream, it all felt very clinical.

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