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alright maybe but dont be weird about it please

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Yes and no. It's almost the same setting, but I did it separately (and only one character), because I didn't want to "counterrequest" or "leech (too much) from the idea". Also, there's a A&W burgers on my city.

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How is this comfy soft uwu morning hangout stream much wilder than their host club streams?

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If they're mandatory, doesn't that make them, in a way, main quests?

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Tfw I used to put alcohol on my face during my teens because alcohol = clean and I thought I was killing the bacteria on my face. Turns out it causes acne.

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>"No, you don't get it! It's so bad! I'm a music expert and I'm telling you the mixing, the autotune and the flamingo boosters are all off, it a bad cover! Why won't you listen to me! It's bad, it's so bad, you can't enjoy it! It sucks!"
Why are anons like this?

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ehh chotto why didnt it come out as the squared symbol???

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Wait wtf? Does she have Rosemi's rigger and artist? Why the fuck does she have the same artstyle and goofy smile?

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How'd a small asian girl kill an entire squadron of trained soldiers?

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I have no idea what's happening anymore...

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Are real girls like this? Adult dating is complicated

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I want to have a relationship with a cute Mystake

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Would you still love your oshi if she or he was discovered to call all of their fans incels or retarded whores behind the scenes?

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Are mason jars not real?

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>sending a 9 month pregnant woman to war

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I just want Elira to be happy

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When have to go to a class that's classified so you can't use your phone for the entire day. I just want to express my love for elira all day

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Uhh why do lucubs hate each other?

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