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Do we forgive Ryuguards? They got catfished by one of their own, an important member from oceanlaw. They are in pain

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Do we forgive Avros after getting catfished twice?

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I do

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Does Genshin even have male characters? All I see are twinks

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Where’s the Chris Schizo?

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Is it wrong that I am enjoying holofans seethe so much from a simple hello, and are forming whole stories inside their heads how Ren is trying to fuck Mumuei to Forcing her to respond to make her lose fans?

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Will Maria surpass Finana in fans, subs and supas?

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Do you guys hate Finana because her gachi said so or were you always this mean?

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Anons can I please get an answer?

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Was Maria any good? Should I just jump ship?

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From what I understand reading this thread Ryuguards are at a lost of what do do with Finana going forward while Pomudachi's actively dislike her for things she has done to Pomu in the past. What have I've being missing all this time?

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Will Maria fill the whole Finana had left in my heart?

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How long till he changes oshi mark?
How will I get my weekly feesh porn now?

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Should I take the Maria pill?

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Is there a way for Finana to get her gachis back?

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Why do anons keep saying this about Finana?

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Am I evil if I switch Oshis?

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>People talking about Finana
>The discussion is actually level headed, no is calling others a retard and there’s actual common sense happening

Can we have more of this, when talking about any chuuba?

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>Releases new cover
>Only 1.5k live viewers during the premiere
>Below 50k views after 12 hours
What happned?

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>Releases new cover
>Only 1.5k live viewers during the premiere
>Below 50k views after 12 hours
What happned?

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>Search Finana
>Only 3 results
>2 are links to her twitter the third is a ritual post
What happened? Can I talk about Feesh?

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Why are fans leaving me?

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Who do I need to kiss to get some (you)s?

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Is it wrong to love a Feesh?

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