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Why can’t Finana hit 1k live viewers nowadays? That used to be her norm but now its the rare stream

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Is this a safe place to talk about Finana? Every other place calls me a groomer and that’s a lie, I failed the dog grooming classes cause I kept cutting the pets by accident

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Can we not shit on Finana or talk about Chr*s in this thread, I promise you guys she is trying to improve, believe me

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Is Oceanlaw dead?
Does feesh even have a true friend in NijiEn anymore that she can just collab weekly and have the time of her life at this point?

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Is Nijifes canceled?

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Is my oceanlaw dead?

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Because they're cute

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Do you like pussy?

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Is it wrong to feel bad for her? She’s her own worst enemy
>After some stupid shit from her groomers she lost her two biggest fans, even one who but in the work and hard cash to create a body pillow of her
>Her live viewers have been on the incline where it’s rarer for her now to break 1k
>Her superchat revenue has been cut by more than half compared to months back
>Her fan projects have either been canceled by her fans or are on hold because the enthusiasm is not there anymore
>Most of her coworkers treat her more as a kid than a close friend

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What’s so attractive about being raped willingly?

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Guys, I think I don't like pussy anymore...

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I had a look at that doujin the rosebud mentioned, what is this feeling of guilt but also hard?

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Can anons talk about Finana with me? Feels like she doesn’t even have fans here

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Is Finana’s sister groomable?

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Why is it morally correct to like Lolis?

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I don’t get those hentais where the pet cat transforms into a girl and proceeds to have sex with the owner, do people really fantasize about fucking their pets if they were an anime girl?

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You don't like Fortnite?

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Finana is just shy right? Because of all her fucks ups she sees herself as beneath her coworkers and is to ashame to really interact with them
>Constant lewd talk, while the rest know more than her making her seem childish
>Her fucks up with the art drama she had followed by her backlash after banning the world trap
>Her making a friend group with the valoguards both being in poor taste and against what management warned her about
Finana is a good girl, she’s just too naive and has become self conscious

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Why am I not invited to group collabs?
Why are my coworkers ignoring me over my two genmates?

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Why Didn't Selen include Finana in her reveal? Pomu picture in the dartsboard and Elira in the drawings meanwhile Finana is not even referenced what gives?

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Y-you don't like the new one?

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I’m confused, what do you anons consider loli? I thought it was young looking girls before the age of 16, which should include the likes of Millie and Rosemi

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Would you carry this retarded feesh?

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