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>it's not content because I can't afford it

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So I guess the new angle discord wants to push is only Ina was controlled by Kanauru but not Ame or Kiara?

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my pc table is directly under a skylight

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never knew that Coco was a succubus

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What kind of zookeeper only works one day a week?
Well, I JGBFW as well, so I can't tell you much about the recent streams, but I'm really excited for the myth off collab.

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I want to thank the Haaton who graced my ears with so many Chammers sound posts that I haven't seen. Thanks for doing that earlier!

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Better question unironically:
What benefit does any Holo have to adherring to your selfish qualifications? Seriously?
What, it'll make /vt/ like them more?
Who fucking cares what underage SEAs have to say and think especially when they're too scared to say it to their faces
Other than this I can't think of any other reason

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So does reporting even do anything?
I find it hard to believe global mods don't see how many reports are coming from this board (specifically this thread) hourly

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So are you gonna tell him to stop or.... cry here?
The fuck do you want (me) to do about it?

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I didn't say that retard I just said it's not impossible that she watches other Vtubers. Tell him that shit

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Nothing is confirmed literally everything is rrats because nothing was said at all. Here's the QRD of the stream
>Cover management is useless
>Outside shit is making be feel bad
>Something BIG Kiara has been pushing management to do will be next week and she will announce it soon*********
>She avoided Pomu's Stanley Parable stream
>"I don't know where Omega is. I haven't seen Omega in a long long time. NOmega."
>June is extremely busy and stressful behind the scenes
>Going to Ame vs a 3D studio is still very unconfirmed
That's all. No talk about cancelling trips

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So after all this he's still gonna do the BFE stream and try to milk money right?

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>breakout entertainment star
Do you niggers even enjoy Hololive? Serious question. Why the fuck do you fucking care? You're gonna what watch them off of a a fucking number? You can do that with Mori and Gura now
>Hurr I don't like either
Then you probably won't like the new "breakout" you're hoping for, and then what? You bitch some more?

I fucking hate you numbersharts with a passion fuck off

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Are (you) people who don't like or care about Council still pretending to care about them? Why? Watch JPs or do reps you retards you should be happy they aren't streaming if you hate them that much

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Bae... The /#/chads... You're gonna kill them.... All their work.... for nothing....

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Gura is trying new stuff, I see.

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>quality control

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I'd be pretty happy about this if I had an inflation fetish.

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Can I help you?

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I didn't think you'd just admit to it. You're surprisingly hard to predict.

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That anon is right. What on Earth.
I think the imgur servers can take it, anon.

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I do not have strong feelings one way or the other towards Hoshikawa. Some people love her and some hate her. Everybody here probably at least likes her. I'm indifferent. It's always interesting how rare it is for anons to dislike someone their oshi is close friends with unless there were obvious issues.

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I definitely missed a few. Look through this and see how much I drove conversation.

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