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look man it's not even subtle on her part, she doesn't have her dream Doctor husbando yet and she's getting more desperate with every stream

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Tell me about it

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How can you say you love your oshi if you won't even support her sexual self-expression?

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three hours is an old meme, try thirty minutes nowadays

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I just got busy man really life is a bitch.
Also, I found this copypasta somewhere else and I want everyone here to read it because it made me rock hard too:

I don't know what Nina thinks she is doing with this new model but if she was trying to break my cock it's working.

This new outfit feels like something Nina was forced to wear when kidnapped by vshojo and taken to a vtuber reprogramming facility.
This shiny tight outfit that smells like latex rubber and sex, this outfit she's not changed even once for the last two weeks because she's been hooked up to their system the entire time. Restrained by mechanical tentacles, assaulted repeatedly by various robotic toys and vibrators all over her body, every hole.
Hooked up to IV drips of unknown drugs while her head is locked into a headset that's been fucking with her mind non-stop until the sounds of pain, swearing, and hate are broken down and washed away.
You're one of her big fans, so you got in invite to her in-person new outfit debut stream.
For the pre-stream intro you get to watch her finishing the last 30 minutes of her reprogramming live, her body shaking and quivering from the sensory overload, her moans and screams of pleasure almost inhuman.
At last the machine slows down, the wired and needles plugged into her body are pulled off and the headset is release.
The girl you knew as 'Nina' stands up, makes this face, and asks you if you'd kindly let her rim your asshole while she strokes your cock with her tits.

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