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Why is Ina getting her little fucking flat titties milked by a simple viper Tobi-Kadachi?

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Are there any streams to look forward to tonight?

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can we rangeban every muslim country?

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I just want you to understand that I think mommyfags are some of the most annoying people on this planet. I like milfs and mature girls, but don't jump to that conclusion for me. Holy fuck, I feel disrespected.

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Found it

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You okay there?

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You have no idea how many times I've cum to this video.
Anyway good night don't let the hags bite.

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I know what feels like, can't be any different then fake ones
This too, I wish I could just piss outside or somthing.

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Aigis, Junepi, Koro as a team are so broken you don't need a healer kek
Also Mori for fucks sake use debuffs and buffs. You have Aigis has every buff in the game.
Use the defense up all with Aigis instead of attacking

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That would just autistic noise collab where Ayame shits herself and Mumei pisses herself.

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I will probably see one of you fags there. Also what the fuck is this game Biboo and Kaela are playing?

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Sorry anon even I know my standards are unrealistic for guys, I blame manga and anime and being gay.
Also fags shaving your friends legs or cooch as a girl is really fucking gay, period. I'm gay and I find that super fucking gay to do.

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So my options are Kronii playing this booty ass game, or fucking APEX.

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Rude as fuck. I might be short, but I have DD's at least. I don't compare to M or J, but they're not small.

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I don't feel like watching the open world padding and a million fucking side quests, so hopefully she plays the game entirely off stream. Has she even played the original FF7?

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Joke on you, I'm already in the mahjong soul discord

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Can some intellectual in the thread please answer a doubt of mine?
Why are Hololive members, who are know for their charismatic live performances on stream, posting little, scripted sketches as their main form of #Shorts content instead of, you know, stream highlights, which is where 99% of their content and what they got to be known for can be found?

It just looks like a lack of market understanding to me, like a brand that is known for doing A is now trying to market themselves doing B even though that is NOT their main product and consequently neither serves to market product A nor does it captivates new costumers as that's not the field of expertise where they specialize at.

It doesn't make sense to me. Why not take advantage of what you got popular for? This is not even a revolutionary concept since it's very commonly done in the West. This is mainly a Japanese-thing.

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I have a step stool, now what faggot?

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She is, but Bae's even more of a sub so it's only logical that if you're gonna make a futanari sex scene, Irys is gonna be the one pumping Bae full of kids. Irys has shown, time and time again, that she can easily set Bae off or touch her without it leading to any actual consequence.

Even from a stupid porn scenario, it only makes sense that Irys is the one that breaks Bae in every hole with her enormous futa cock until Bae's ability to speak, see, breathe, or even think is completely shattered. From all of their interactions, it's clear as day that Irys is the dominant of the two.

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I will curse the thread with some knowledge about the Hololive girls since you would really only know this as a girl cause of this anon.
When you dance a lot or have to get in a full body outfit as a girl your pubes can cause a lot of chafing from is touching and you sweating a lot and can cause a rash. If the girls have to use mocap suits and or dance for prolonged periods of time I can tell you 100% most of them are shaving their body hair so they don't run into them problem and makes it more simple for them.

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The original game did that scene better.

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Dude it is impossible to jerk off to anybody in Myth except for Ina. Ina's the only sexy one and she's the flattest one, ain't that some shit? You guys go on and on about Kiara's fat ass, but all the porn of her does fucking nothing for me.

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