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Pomu.... why mute...
All those cute fairy puke noises, lost in time, like tears in the rain.

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I'm scared about this collab

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I've been watching Pomu and I just want to escape reality. I say this because once you know the reality, you can't have any good hope for this world. The top leaders are high functioning psychopaths, it's a trait you'll need to be at the top, this requires yourself to lack empathy, remorse, shallow emotions and egocentricity.

Do you guys remember the roman emperors? They were psychopaths, they were also power hungry, degenerate, perverted narcissistic bastards. Tiberius was a great emperor, yet he was also into raping kids, he trained infants he called his “little fish” to swim between his thighs when he took a bath and nibble on his genitalia. He would also take newborn babies from their mothers and hold them to his genitals, hoping they would respond to him as if to their mother’s breast.

Our leaders are secretly like the roman emperors, it's just all a mask to hide their evil agendas, we're not looking to the leaders of tomorrow, we're staring at the devils that corrupt our youth.

So that's why I watch Pomu and shut my brain off, it's better that way, so much better.

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Stream was shit the moment it was filled by 8 m*les to 2 females.

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Pomu hates Maria and Petra, that's the only reason why shes making a guerrilla minecraft right now, If you don't know why she hates them it's for the same reason,

Pomu groomed both of them and even went as far as committing sexual harassment on stream during a collab with Petra in super bunny man. Both girls denied Pomu's advances and called her a creep, refusing to collab with her.

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The only good Pomudachi is a dead Pomudachi.


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Was Iluna a mistake?

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Poor Kyo probably expects they're gonna play this again....

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>Watch Scarle's point of view
>She's just sitting there mute
I think she's actually mindbroken. Like unironically. I don't think she can hang on much longer lads

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What's going on with some of these posts?

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Why can't we have Pomu, Enna and Selen streams more often?
These 3 together are a miracle of the universe.

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>mfw Iluna girls already have better porn than all the other girls

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Aia Amare(female Ike) sounds like that one rosebud who posts vocaroos

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Nah there's no chance. Hololive may be popular with incels but the same thing that makes them popular with that demographic makes them hated by femcels. This conundrum has caused Stars to struggle because women don't like the idea their donations will go towards Chloe's next outfit and their oshi will always be lower priority within the company. Same reason the NijiEN girls started losing paypigs after Luxiem.

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I was jerking off for the past 2 hous after work, I need to know the timestamps for the MGS stuff.

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>Yesterday's VR game shill stream peaked at 2k even though Pomu was having tons of fun with it
>Today's gacha shill stream peaked at 4.2k for a game that looks even more predatory than Genshin and Pomu seems obviously disinterested and bored.
What the hell is going on here? Is this game actually massive and I just never heard of it? Are the devs promoting her stream in the game itself to boost numbers? Is this just the Nier Automata effect?

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Oh there's a very very large incel movement in China(and Japan for that matter). They just aren't mass shooters because civilians can't easily acquire guns in China. Every month you'll read stories about incels going on stabbing sprees or getting arrested for stalking some random popular camgirl/escort or some Chinese-language incel forum getting shut down by the government for being a little too based(ideological) in their calls for redistribution of sex.

You can trace the growth of incel movements across the world to the industrialization of their country. As people become more comfortable from rising standard of living society tends to destabilize and atomize and technology ends up replacing socialization.
At some point in the near future governments will have to seriously address this issue. Japan is already facing a 50% virginity rate among 18-35 year old men and there's nothing they can do to fix it outside of government-provided gfs.

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>immediately fell asleep after cumming
>missed one hour of the collab

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Careful Pomie the definition of political is always changing with the times based on what /pol/tards are seething about that week.
Pomu's said quite a few things that could be perceived as "political" if the reactionaries ever get bored of culture wars and go back to seething over muh socialism.

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I don't want to work tomorrow.

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Don't take it so seriously pentomo, when I call Pomu objectively the best vtuber in all aspects it's just bait to trick other fanbases into expressing their love for their own oshi.
The dickmeasuring contest is largely just two people gushing over how much they love their favorite member. This is how men bond in social situations, just like sports teams or cars or video game console wars. Surely you've had friends before right pentomo?

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guess I'll spend my day outside today huh

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People here are the kind of people I grew up bullying so it's a constant annoyance to be here.
But often times you see some cool cat around and that makes it bearable.

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