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Yeah, the pure Holowives would never fart on stream, unlike those WHORE IDOLENs

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>be a young japanese student
>our english teacher is a foreigner
>she's 10/10 smoking hot but incredibly cringey trying to be relatable and hip with us
>feel bad for her since shes hard working and just trying to make learning fun, but the students tease her a lot
>read online that in the west it's normal to give your teacher a red apple as a sign of gratitude
>sneak into her classroom before anyone else is in
>put a red apple on her desk
>"Yo little guy is that a red apple?! Yooo shout out to my man over here anon for the FAT aka apple!"
>heart jumps out of my chest, fall over in surprise and fear
>my teacher is suddenly at the door, which i could've sworn i had closed
>"Can't thank you enough, dude, this is totally 'poggers' as they say."
>what is she fucking talking about
>i want to leave but she's blocking the only exit
>"Let 'your boy' give you a thank you toot man!"
>a what
>"Big ups to anon-chan over here!!"
>she walks up to me
>she's incredibly fast, covers the distance in seconds
>i'm cornered
>one of her hands pins down both my wrists, the other starts pulling up my uniform shirt
>i'm scared and confused so i start crying
>"It's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine..."
>i don't know if she's talking to me or herself
>she starts fondling my chest and kissing my neck
>can't help but moan, even if i know it's wrong
>"That moan was 'hountou sekushi' my guy!"
>pray that someone walks in and stops her
>she drops to her knees and starts fiddling with my pants
>pulls them down, i feel so ashamed at how hard i am
>she pulls out a recorder from her skirt and plays a painful note on it
>i'm pretty sure that's school property
>puts the end of the recorder on the tip of my dick
>"Thank you! *toot*
>cum instantly

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